Why Techkon SpectroDens is the preferred G7® measurement device

Techkon SpetroDENS was the first handheld device to offer integrated support for the Idealliance G7® specification and is the only measurement device which reports G7 measurements relative to the measurement of your actual printing stock.

This is important because G7 is substrate relative. This means the color of G7 gray adapts to the color of the substrate. For example, on a blue paper the gray will have a bluer target value or aim than it would on a yellow or neutral paper. There are no fixed values for the gray balance targets in G7 and, since it adapts to the substrate, the gray always looks natural. When performing G7 measurements, the Techkon SpectroDENS dynamically calculates and advises on these gray balance targets based on the color of your printing substrate.

This is an important feature of the SpectroDENS and should not be confused with SCCA (Substrate Corrected Colorimetric Aims) which allows the G7 process to be performed on printing stocks that are outside the tolerance of those specified by Idealliance.

While the SpectroDENS and other competing instruments both support SCCA, only the SpectroDENS provides true substrate correction for paper stocks within the specified color tolerances for the standard substrates. This is why G7 experts around the globe prefer and trust the SpectroDENS for accurate, G7, measurements.


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