Why Techkon?

Techkon instruments are designed and manufactured in Germany. Their craftmanship is second to none in the industry which leads to greater reliability, better ease-of-use, and a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the product.


Every Techkon instrument has a NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) traceable calibration.  Simply put, this means every Techkon device will measure consistently to other Techkon instruments and to instruments from other manufacturers that are also NIST traceable.  This is obviously great news for printers and converters who are looking to make a switch because it provides complete confidence regarding the intra-measurement agreement across their fleet of instruments.


Techkon instruments are fast, accurate, and the most ergonomic pressroom color management tools in the market. Whether it’s the rugged and reliable design of our measurement devices or the intuitiveness of our software products, operators consistently prefer Techkon products to the legacy devices they have used in the past.  Our extensive product design process pays great attention to every detail of the user experience while incorporating real world, and end-user feedback collected during their development.


Techkon partners with its customers to help make the best, well-informed, decisions for each individual customer. Every customer is unique and we strive to understand our customers’ needs and their workflow. And we know that your success with our products and software is key to our continued success as a company. We thrive on this relationship and want to help you succeed.


Finally, perhaps more important than the remarkable performance of our products, is our exceptional customer service. Our customers are quick to point out our responsiveness and willingness to make them succeed. Our teams draw on extensive customer, industry and product experience to provide highly personalized advice and guidance through the sales process and anytime you need support after the sale.

Warranty – Techkon instruments come with a standard 2-year factory warranty.
Free Technical Support – Techkon prides itself on our superior technical support and we are delighted to provide it to all users of our handheld, scanning, inline, and software solutions. All of our technical support technicians are trained and certified to answer questions related to our products, standards, and general production questions. We are happy to provide this unlimited service free of charge to all Techkon customers.
Planned Maintenance Program – Techkon developed the Planned Maintenance Program for any customer interested in purchasing a handheld device. The program allows customers to benefit from a dedicated support team, 3 instrument recertifications, extended warranty, expedited service, free loaners, and free shipping. Customers love this program as it allows them to keep their equipment performing at optimum levels and will help avoid sudden and unexpected interruptions on the pressroom floor.

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