Why I Joined Techkon USA

By: Richard Black, Midwest Sales Manager

I have been involved in the Print Industry for 30+ years mainly in the area of color reproduction. In the last 10 years, there has been a tremendous push within the print industry to improve color process control.  This is being driven by print buyers and brand owners requiring consistent print quality and, in many cases, documented proof of the color reproduction.  ‘Good enough color’ just won’t cut it anymore.

With so many color hardware and software tools available to objectively quantify color and document it, the days of subjective color approval (“yeah Jim Ok’d it”) is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Unlike other manufacturers who try to create products for every industry that requires color reproduction –  i.e. paint, wall coverings, automotive, plastics, etc. – Techkon focuses on the needs of the print industry.  Their hardware and software solutions are helping to manage and control color in every sector of the industry.  Many of these products are breaking new ground such as their SpectroVision inline solution, which integrates web viewing, bar code grading, and color measurement capabilities at press speeds up to 1,000ft/minute. Printers, converters, print buyers and brand owners, now have access to a new level of print information throughout the production run.

Techkon has a unique ability to take very complicated color measurement hardware and software requirements and create very easy-to-use products that are solving real-world challenges. Information is only good if it is relative and its only relative if the user can understand and operate the product generating the information.  With Techkon concentrating on the print industry, they understand what needs to be measured and how to simplify the task of taking and documenting color information.

I have been very fortunate to have a fruitful and successful career in the print industry.  At this stage of my career, I have realized I just want to do something I truly enjoy doing each and every day, working with color and sharing my knowledge with others.  Joining the Techkon team and their world-class color measurement products provides me this opportunity.