We’re on a mission
to transform the
printing business.

If you’re like many commercial offset and flexography printers and materials manufacturers today, you’re trying to manage increasing overhead costs while also being committed to continuously improving your quality systems and reducing waste headed for a landfill. In times like these, we know that better yields and longer uptimes are critical gauges of success that aren’t easy to sustain. And that’s why we live by a different credo here at Techkon USA than our (often larger) competitors. We truly and honestly believe that we’re here for a reason, and it’s no coincidence our team has come together from all corners of the printing technology and graphics industry to actively help you find ways to improve your bottom line so you and others like you can grow and transform your businesses for the future.

Just give us a shout and let us show you how much we truly care about helping you get your color right every time using our high-performance instruments and innovative software solutions.

we’re cost-sensitive

Not only are we dedicated to helping you overcome any and all your color quality and management challenges throughout your workflow — wherever and however we can — our hardware, software, and service contracts are sensitively priced so you don’t ever have to worry about overpaying for the solution you ultimately need.

we have the absolute best hardware solutions

Backed by a legacy of world-renown German-engineered, state-of-the art hand-held spectrophotometers and densitometers, automated scanning systems, and integrated in-line instruments, your Techkon USA service team is ready to solve your immediate needs to replace your outdated equipment with nothing less than the best-in-class instruments for color measurement and color quality control.

our software is super intuitive and powerful

Yes, we have our heads in the cloud, too. In fact, Techkon USA looked into the future many years ago and recognized that color measurement and control is a natural science that is best optimized with computer science—and creative thinking. Today, we offer you ChromaQA, a flexible suite of AWS cloud-based color management and process modules that scales with your needs. It’s priced at a fraction of the cost of the competition and is hailed by everyone who uses it as being incredibly easy to learn and use. We’re ready to show you how to use it throughout your entire workflow from the ink and prepress departments, across your pressroom floor, and finally into your quality group. With ChromaQA, your organization will quickly realize color matching and process control efficiencies which are unmatched and you will improve your profitability very quickly.

we play nice in the sandbox

Nothing is more elegant and more representative of what Techkon USA is all about than our fully integrated software and hardware solutions. And like we’ve said, they’re designed for you, not for us. Which means we take a look at your entire existing color quality and management process in place today and fix only what needs fixing. We can do this because as we’ve added software solutions to our portfolio, we’ve learned the ins and outs of integrating with just about everything you might already have in place. So, you’ll never have to worry about making a “wholesale change”. (Unless you want to.)

yes, we know your customers are often the ones driving change

We understand that your customers are becoming savvier about the value of color to their brand. How do we know? They’re buying our products and software, too. They count on us to help them manage color accuracy and consistency as they outsource their critical brand packaging and collateral to printers at a variety of different facilities/locations. They’re checking spot and process colors with our SpectroDens 4 spectrodensitometers and using our ChromaQA software to manage their color libraries and establish quality control standards and acceptable deltaE tolerance levels.

no, we weren’t born yesterday

It’s funny to hear from many customers and friends that the competition often suggests we’re young and small when they know “experienced and nimble” is the actual truth. Established in 1981, Techkon GMBH is an award-winning technology brand that you’ll find embedded inside nearly every major offset and many digital printing presses today including, Komori, Manroland, K&B, Ryobi, Mitsubishi, Landa, and more. Our flagship product, the SpectroDens 4, is a German-engineered work of art. It’s an all-in-one densitometer and spectrophotometer combined that outshines every competitor today. Established in 2007, Techkon USA is building on the legacy of the Techkon technology and taking a customer-centric approach in becoming an experienced, solutions-oriented partner to printers and other manufacturers throughout North and South America. As a result, we have a variety of proven hardware, software and service solutions within our portfolio to choose from as we tackle your color measurement and management challenges.

in the end…

In the end, our mission is quite simple, to help you reduce waste, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profitability at every turn of the press or machine by providing you with the exact solution you need to measure, manage, and process your color at the right price.


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