What Techkon Products are Known For



Techkon devices are designed to be quick and responsive. Whether you make a measurement, calibrate the device or simply power it up, not having to wait each time is a big convenience in routine use.



Speed comparison for Techkon SpectroDENS and leading competitor

Densitometer Comparison | Speed Graph



Techkon’s color measurement engine uses a unique design with high-intensity LED and a large sensor area that maximizes light collection. This is particularly important for dark samples and/or with use of polarizing filters which lower light intensity. With devices that have low repeatability, the measurements can become “noisy” – similar to photos taken in low light.



Repeatability comparison for Techkon SpectroDENS and leading competitor (Lower DE CIE is better)

Densitometer Comparison | Accuracy Chart



Techkon handheld devices feature a solid-state design with no moving parts. They come with a 2-year warranty and normally require service and re-calibration at 2-year intervals.






Ergonomic design is another important factor that delivers immediate benefits. For example, the side-view design of SpectroDENS allows easy targeting of color patches. Color bars can be easily scanned by sliding the device.




Techkon products are well-liked by customers.