WEBINAR: How to Test Paper to Ensure Print Quality

DATE: June 16, 2015 @ 2:00PM EST
HOST: Devin Abramowitz, Sales Manager, Techkon USA
PRESENTER: Nancy Plowman, President, Nancy Plowman Associates


Don’t miss this opportunity for a FREE webinar presented by Nancy Plowman Associates.

You will learn:

  • Key attributes a coated paper must have to print successfully.
  • How to test for ink interaction, pick resistance, water receptivity.
  • Ask questions about any paper quality issues you are facing and get answers from an industry leading expert.


About Nancy Plowman Associates

Incorporated in 1986, NPA is a graphic arts testing and consulting service specializing in handling print production related problem, including analysis of all components of the offset printing process. Examples of these include inks, papers, aqueous and UV coatings, adhesives, fountain solutions, blankets and chemical additives to the printing system.

NPA has developed and sold its own line of print testing equipment. They have worked with and assist major paper companies in setting up new in-house testing facilities and procedures to test ink and paper in a production environment

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