Victor Envelope Implements the SpectroVision Inline Color Quality Control Solution

We sat down with some of the staff at Victor Envelope to learn more about their operation, facility, and why they chose to implement Techkon color control solutions.  A billion envelopes is no small feat and we are proud to be an integral part of making that happen!

Interview Participants:

  • John Horgan – Quality Control Specialist
  • Kent Gundlach – President
  • Dariusz Kogut – Technical Training & Production Development Manager

We asked John to comment on the most important factor in his decision to implement the SpectroVision.
John– Customers are looking for high quality & the Techkon device with the SpectroVision on our press gives us that capability so we can monitor our jobs and we have the confidence that the color starts from the beginning of the job to the end of the job. So it will be consistent throughout our runs.

We asked Kent about the importance of having an inline color quality control solution.
Kent – It is simple to make a lot of bad envelopes.  A lot can go on in trying to maintain good color throughout the run.  I first learned of the SpectroVision several years ago and searched out information on putting that on our equipment to aid in color control.  When you run multiple shifts, you want to make sure color is being maintained from morning until night and back to the next day. With the SpectroVision, that gives us the opportunity to measure and also record information on color throughout the day.

We asked Dariusz about efficiency gains with the SpectroVision.
Dariusz – A lot of companies use color adjustment as a first line of defense where there are other factors that contribute to the color being off. With the SpectroVision system, it allows to make those adjustments without going too deep into the color itself. Very often it is a matter of swapping the anilox that will increase the density of the color. With the SpectroVision system, you can do all of that in a relatively quick time period without sacrificing a large amount of paper. And, you can get to the color you are looking for a lot quicker. Instead of running something, taking it off the press, stopping the press, and then you have to wait until a good piece of the envelope gets to the end of the press. It is really beneficial to get to the color in a short amount of time.

We asked John about the primary focus for Victor Envelopes.
John – We really focus on color and quality. We have tons of color measuring devices on all our machinery to monitor our color.  Everything from offset to flexo to digital.  Where you know exactly what is happening at that time. If there is an issue, we will take care of it. Before we could have had 1000’s of pieces that could be bad whereas now we have the equipment to prevent that.The ease of the SpectroVision system is fantastic. The interface is easy, everything is laid out for you. We had it within an hour. Where to go, how to upload files, how to input colors…all extremely easy.

We wrapped up the interview with a summary statement from Kent.
Kent – At Victor, we are trying to sell a quality product. It is important to myself, our sales people and all of our staff to put a great product in the marketplace. Techkon provides us the ability to do that because of the way they handle color.


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