Troubleshooting Connection Issues

If you are trying to connect a Techkon device to Chroma QA, Printflow, or Colibri, follow these steps:

If you encounter problems connecting to the Techkon Device, please check that the Windows Service is running.

  1. Open the Microsoft Windows Control Panel
  2. Select the Administrative Tools
  3. Open the Services
  4. Make sure that the TECHKON Device Service is listed as shown above and that the status is set to “Started” and the startup type is set to “Automatic”.
  5. If it isn’t, open the service properties and modify the settings as described:
  6. In case all is set up right and you encounter problems anyhow, please restart the service.

Additionally, for users on a Domain, you will likely have an issue with Firewall settings / Anti-Virus settings and Ports below is a description on how the device talks to the software program and or even installing the application and TD Services.

The TECHKON Device Service (Windows Service) is the most common way to connect to the TECHKON devices. It is running as a Windows Service (TDService.exe).

The TECHKON Device Service is using “localhost” and is listening to the Port 20102, so please open the TCP/IP connection on the Port 20102, if you want to connect to the devices this way.

This is the recommended way to realize connection to the TECHKON devices

Other potential problems can be:

Missing device drivers on the target system. Please connect the device to the computer and make sure that the device is properly listed in the Device Manager as shown below: