The Value of Inline Quality Inspection on Flexo Presses

We often hear printers lamenting about the pressure placed on them by brands to implement technology to ensure their presses perform to their expected capacity.  Many packaging printers purchase multi-million-dollar presses outfitted with even more expensive viscosity control, ink metering and inspection systems.  It seems every last detail is thought about when it comes to ink, substrate, doctor blade and anilox roll process control.  These investments are in large part done to ensure the final printed product matches the brand color.

In many cases, it is assumed that if all of the pieces discussed above fall into place, then the press will print perfectly from impression 1 to 1 million.  This, of course, is a dangerous assumption not based on any real evidence and will likely lead to brands rejecting jobs.

Why then aren’t printers paying more attention to the actual color the press is producing? The reason printers aren’t paying more attention to the actual color the press is producing is because they don’t have the means to do it efficiently.   The process of stopping and starting the press to take handheld measurements is cumbersome and costly. Unfortunately, instead of trying to adequately address the issue of measuring color, many printers have chosen to avoid it, and thus deal with an enormous amount of customer rejects.

That is why we are thrilled to present the SpectroVision!  SpectroVision is affordable, compact in size, and can be easily mounted into existing flexo, gravure, and digital presses.

Check it out at: SpectroVision Inline Quality Inspection