SpectroVision Inline Spectrophotometer
Higher Performance at a Fraction of the Price

Customers told us that, while they recognize the benefits of inline color control, the high price of current solutions has put them out of reach for all but the largest printers. The SpectroVision is affordable for printers of all sizes, while still enabling significant make ready savings, and increased color accuracy and consistency.

Experience SpectroVision’s ease of use, powerful functionality, and flexibility

The Business Benefits of Color Quality Management Software

Because legacy devices are limited to measuring only one patch in the color bar for each sheet, getting to accurate color means wasting many sheets and a large volume of ink. By contrast, the SpectroVision can measure more than 100 color bar patches in a single printed impression. As a result, the SpectroVision provides measurement data back to the press operator at blazingly fast speeds, cutting time and material for traditional make ready in half.

The included ChromaQA color quality software lets users quickly create jobs that specify exact measurement locations, color reference values, and customer-specific tolerances. During the press run, intuitive graphs and charts give operators immediate color results, along with adjustment recommendations. This means problems are caught and corrected before any material is wasted.

Brand owners are holding printers more accountable than ever for color accuracy and color consistency. The SpectroVision enables you to meet the requirements of every client (and prove it), while saving time and money on every job.


The SpectroVision can measure color patches, color bars, and even specific in-image locations for more accuracy where color matters the most – in the image. Operators get instant feedback regarding key print attributes and specific ink adjustments to minimize deltaE’s and maximize the color accuracy of brand colors and customer color specifications.


The SpectroVision measures in real-time at press speeds up to 305 m/min (1,000 ft/min) which shortens make-ready cycles and increases profitability by eliminating the need to stop the press for handheld measurements. Detecting color shifts before they go out of specification makes them easier to correct; eliminating waste.


The included Techkon ChromaQA software serves as the hub for managing color quality across multiple operators, multiple departments, and multiple print locations, ensuring consistent results. powerful data analysis tools let you learn from your production data for ongoing process improvements and cost savings.


Today’s printing and packaging customers are placing ever increasing demands for color accuracy and color consistency on their print supply chain. SpectroVision’s customized reports detail color quality throughout the entire press run, increasing customer confidence by proving accuracy and consistency for every job you deliver.