Techkon SpectroVision – The 3 in 1 Solution for Flexo Print Quality

Part III – Web Viewing: Over the past 2 weeks, we have examined how SpectroVision is an invaluable pressroom QA tool with its automated color measurement and bar code grading capabilities.  Together, these features allow SpectroVision to play an extremely important role on press by helping operators get up to color faster, stay there throughout the press run, and prevent problems that ultimately cause wasted time, wasted materials, and reduced profit margins.

This week, in Part 3, SpectroVision has one last feature that we must explore as part of its overall value proposition.  Did you know, that besides inline color measurements and real-time bar code grading, SpectroVision is also a fully functional and powerful live web viewer?  That’s right!  Now, let’s take a closer look.

Each SpectroVision system is equipped with a high resolution 2D camera that is used to locate color bars and color measurement locations for the integrated spectrophotometer.  However, when SpectroVision is not busy measuring color, it is then capable of providing a visual inspection of the moving web at full production press speeds.

This visual inspection functionality is critical and allows press operators to view registration marks, logos, fine text, or any critical part of the impression to check the print quality and look for defects.  Features of the web viewer include:

  • Automatic movement across the web with a motorized traverse arm
  • Simple touch screen interface to locate web view locations
  • An unlimited number of locations can be set and stored for the press run
  • Powerful +/- zoom can be assigned to each location individually
  • Automatically cycle through stored locations or switch manually between them

With SpectroVision and its compelling web viewing feature set, printers are now able to replace their current, aging, web viewing system and never miss a beat.  Imagine consolidating your web viewer, bar code grader, and color measurement checks into a single press-side, touch-screen, console that can shorten your make-readies by guiding operators to optimum color matches, and prevent color and bar code print problems before things go out tolerance.

That’s going to wrap it up for this week.  I sincerely hope you found our 3 part blog series on SpectroVision informative and interesting.  If you would like to learn more about how SpectroVision can save you money, please contact us for a demonstration of the product.  We would love to also get your questions answered and build a custom ROI calculation based on your unique production environment.  Thanks for reading and please stay safe out there!