Techkon SpectroVision – The 3 in 1 Solution for Flexo Print Quality

Part II – Bar Code Grading: Last week, we kicked off this 3 part blog series by looking at the changing landscape for package printers and how brand owners are moving towards more SKU’s, shorter run lengths, and tighter color tolerances.  Together, these dynamics mean more frequent and longer make-readies for packaging printers which further reduce already thin profit margins.  As we discussed last week, Techkon’s SpectroVision has been designed specifically to reduce make-ready times by automating the color measurement process, providing the operator with clear actions to get the color back on track, and ultimately reduce make-ready times and prevent color problems during production.

This week, in Part 2, we will now shift our focus from the inline color measurement capabilities of SpectroVision and look at its’ ability to also perform, real-time, bar code inspection while running at full production print speeds.  From our experience in the pressroom, we know many of you are already checking bar codes with a red laser hand-scanner when the roll comes off press.  However, in this scenario, if it detects a problem, this can get expensive for the printer and in some cases the whole roll may have to be scrapped and reprinted.

Now consider the use of an inline bar code inspection system.  In addition to measuring color inline, SpectroVision is also able to scan bar codes in real-time and then test against the 8 metrics that comprise the ISO/ANSI specification for bar code grading.  Below are the 8 metrics that are scored and graded according to the ISO/ANSI specification:

  • Decoded Text
  • Minimum Reflectance
  • Minimum Edge Contrast
  • Decode
  • Symbol Contrast
  • Modulation
  • Decodability
  • Defects

In the same way that SpectroVision monitors color throughout a pressrun, the system is also capable of watching and scoring bar-codes.  Then, if the scores start changing and approaching a failing grade, the operator will be automatically notified by SpectroVision, allowing them to take immediate corrective actions on press before the bar code quality degrades further and becomes unreadable by the hand-scanner.  It is this fully automatic bar code monitoring feature that ensures your bar codes are always 100% readable and you will never have to scrap a roll or pallet of printed product again because of a bar code problem.  Just think of the potential savings here with SpectroVision!

Interested in learning more about how SpectroVision can save you money?  Contact us for a custom ROI calculation and let’s get your questions answered.  We would love to hear from you and learn about the unique color and pressroom challenges.  Next week, stay tuned for Part 3 of this blog.  SpectroVision has 1 more trick up its’ sleeve to save you bigtime in the pressroom.  Thanks for reading and please stay safe out there!