SpectroJet: A Closed Loop Color Solution Within Reach

Are you currently relying solely on a handheld densitometer for print quality control in your pressroom?

Most have considered implementing a closed-loop color control system for their older offset press, but are discouraged by the perceived high cost. Well, we have great news for you. Techkon has a closed loop system  that falls within the mid $30,000 price range. Techkon has a complete closed-loop system equipped with the same software features as the fully automated system. The difference is that this system utilizes a highly reliable hand scanning instrument – The SpectroJet.

The SpectroJet is similar to the more well-known SpectroDrive scanner. It’s built on a high-grade spectrophotometer known for its exceptional accuracy. It employs 100% LED illumination and adheres to ISO 13655 standards. This covers all measurement conditions, including M0, M1, M2, and M3 measurement conditions. The SpectroJet features a conveniently positioned side-mounted aperture, ensuring accurate alignment over your press sheet’s color bar. Precisely aligned wheels at the device base enable operators to effortlessly scan across the press sheet.

Hand scanning eliminates the need for additional mechanics and moving parts, simplifying the scanner and leading to the SpectroJet’s nickname: “The Scanning Workhorse.”. Embedded with an high-precision optical encoder, the SpectroJet monitors scanning speeds and distances. This ensures reliable and flawless scanning. Th SpectroJet is the ideal solution for the many “half size” presses. In one single quick movement, the operator scans a 29-inch sheet, relaying all color information on the nearby screen.

Completing the package, the SpectroJet gets paired with the well-known closed-loop software, PressLink. This software is identical to that offered with Techkon’s higher-priced automated scanning system. The result is a reliable and cost-effective closed-loop solution known to significantly enhance press-side efficiency.

Here’s a breakdown of how it operates:

  1. Prior to the press run, the Ink Presetting module analyzes the digitally imposed image and automatically opens and closes ink keys on press. This step aligns the ink densities with the prepress file, reducing the time required and the number of adjustments needed throughout makeready.
  1. During the makeready process, the operator pulls a sheet and takes a scan using the SpectroJet, reading the full color bar spanning all ink zones. The SpectroJet captures precise measurement data, transmitting the information to the PressLink closed-loop color management software.
  1. The color control software analyses the press sheet, relaying recommendations to the computer screen. The operator simply accepts the recommendations, sending the ink key changes to the press. In the event of  deviations from the job standard, the system automatically calculates the necessary corrections. As soon as those corrections are confirmed by the operator, the system promptly communicates changes to the press console, sending ink key adjustments to the press.

        Note: Having access to all density, TVI (Tone Value Increase), gray balance, G7, CIELab, and other specified spectral data will make “printing to the numbers” a breeze!

  1. This process is then repeated throughout make-ready and throughout production, ensuring that required density and color values are consistently maintained throughout the entire press run. By continuously monitoring and fine-tuning the press, the closed-loop system ensures that your work meets the desired specifications from start to finish.

By implementing this level of simple automation, pressrooms significantly reduce make-ready times and consumables, maximizing cost savings.

The most significant benefit comes from realizing accurate and consistent color across every sheet throughout the entire press run. This also proves true across multiple runs, especially when working between different presses and between press crews.

If your pressroom is considering moving beyond an outdated handheld densitometer, try the cost-effective upgrade to spectral scanning using the SectroJet scanner. Techkon’s 30-day guarantee ensures the improvement is risk-free, and it ensures you and your operators are quickly and effectively getting to color every time.

Ready to go Closed-Loop with SpectroJet? Fill out our Pre-Install Checklist here and our team will reach out to you for a consultation.