SpectroDrive…The “Switch” Is On!

Here at Techkon, we are thrilled with the response we have gotten since we launched our “Make the Switch” campaign at the end of 2019.  Back in December we started this campaign by highlighting the unique features and selling points of our SpectroDens handheld spectrophotometer and the response has been tremendous.  This month, we are continuing the “Switch” campaign but with focus our SpectroDrive, automated, sheet scanning spectrophotometer.  But before I highlight a few of the important reasons why SpectroDrive wins when compared to the “Other Guys”, I would like to give a very brief introduction to the product and explain where it fits in our family of pressroom color measurement solutions.

Introducing SpectroDrive

The SpectroDrive is a press-side, automated, scanning solution for offset presses.  It consists of a precision spectral measurement head and track that can be ordered in lengths of up to 81 inches.  The track is typically mounted directly onto the press console so sheets can be pulled from the press, positioned on the console, and then measured automatically with the touch of a button.  Measurement times are extremely fast on this system with a 40 inch sheet taking less than 8 seconds.  Once measured, solid ink density, TVI, deltaE, and more can be displayed to the press operator for each ink zone across the sheet.  The system is capable of operating in an “open-loop” mode where the operator then makes ink key adjustments manually or in a “closed-loop” mode for automated press adjustments and maximum efficiency.

Why “Switch” or Choose SpectroDrive?

As part of our “Switch” campaign, we have created a quick reference chart pointing out the significant advantages of our system compared to “The Other Guys” (you know who they are).  These are the reasons almost every major offset press manufacturer has already made the “switch” and now includes SpectroDrive as their OEM color measurement system integrated with their new presses.  So while I’m not going to talk about the importance of each item on the quick reference chart below, I would like to point out a few key features:

  • Color bar scanning and spot measurements
    The measurement head of this device was purposely designed to be both an automated color bar scanner AND a handheld spot measurement device.  The measurement head can be simply lifted up off the track and positioned anywhere on the press sheet for single spot color measurements. It’s like 2 measurement devices in one which (1) eliminates the need to buy a separate handheld device, (2) saves you some serious money, and (3) makes life really easy for the press operator.
  • Color bars can be anywhere on the sheet
    The SpectroDrive track is mounted onto rails on either side of the press sheet (rails not shown in photo above).  With the click of button, this allows the track to slide up and down so it can be easily repositioned to measure color bars anywhere on your sheet.  The system can measure color bars on the gripper side, tail side, or anywhere in between to easily accommodate a wider range of jobs.
  • Lower cost of ownership
    The design of SpectroDrive and the included features simply save you money compared to “The Other Guys”.  Every SpectroDrive includes features such as 100% LED lighting for maximum lifespan, integrated polarization filter for measuring wet ink, a small aperture to accommodate small color bars, and all future software updates to save you money.

Again, the intent of this blog was just to highlight some of the most important differences and features in the SpectroDrive that have caused both press manufacturers and printers alike to make the “switch” to Techkon.  You can also see the full “switch” comparison matrix between SpectroDrive and the competition here. Thanks for reading and please let us know if you have any specific questions or would like to learn more about any of our products or services.