It’s a dirty job.
Let’s keep it from getting ugly.

A Scheduled Maintenance Plan (SMP) ensures your color measurement tools remain accurate and consistent job after job after job.

It’s well understood that your color measurement instruments and systems are going to see some tough action. That’s why leading printers start with best-in-class color measurement devices and software from Techkon. Because nobody builds a better product when it comes to user-driven functionality, performance, affordability, and dependability.

So, to ensure your Techkon color management tools provide the best and most reliable results over time, and to keep up with your continuous quality improvement, automation, G7, and ISO registration needs, we’ve re-tooled our Scheduled Maintenance Plan (SMP) service. We’re here to make it easier and more practical than ever to keep your instruments color calibrated and operating perfectly on every project.

Benefits of Our Top Two Scheduled Maintenance Plans:
  • Discounted Recertifications: SMP3 customers with handhelds get (1) recertification free! (A $500 to $1,050 value. (See pricing chart for additional savings details.)
  • Expedited Service: SMP3 and SMP2 customers get priority. This means that you will be placed at the front of the queue to ensure a fast turnaround time on device recertifications to minimize downtime.
  • Free Round-Trip Shipping (Handhelds-US only): You will get a free shipping label to easily send your devices into the Techkon USA service center for recertification, as well as free return shipping of your freshly serviced device.
  • Free Loaner Devices (Handhelds-US & Canada Only): When expedited service isn’t available, we’ll send you a loaner to use to fill the gap.
  • Additional Discounts: As a valued SMP3 or SMP2 customer, we’ll also give you 10% off of any device upgrades (model or version) as well as 10% off of all parts and accessories throughout your SMP period.
Choose from One of Three SMP Plans.

SMP3: Order an SMP at time of purchase and get the best pricing on recertifications and extended time on your warranty.  

Order an SMP3 when purchasing a Techkon Instrument or system and, for starters, we’ll add an additional (2) years to our already industry-leading (2) year device warranty on our handheld instruments and (1) or (2) years to our scanner and inline system warranties. (See pricing table for details.) This means you’ll have several contiguous months of comfort knowing that if an instrument should need repair, you can send it back and get it fixed with priority-level service, and have it returned fast for free.

Next (and here’s where it really gets good), an SMP3 includes (3) discounted and scheduled device recalibrations/ISO recertifications of your handhelds, and up to (2) on your scanners. (PressLink systems and SpectroVision inline systems are limited to (1) recertification per plan. See details in pricing table below.)


SMP2: Order an SMP after your initial purchase and get discounted device recertifications, plus all the benefits of being in the program.

While the optimal and most efficient time to add an SMP is with your instrument or system purchase, we offer the chance to add an SMP after our devices have been hard at work, too. You can add an SMP2 at any time before your warranty (original or extended) runs out, and get a discount on recertifications. Plus, you qualify for all the benefits mentioned above.


SMP1: Pay as you go for 1X device repair and/or recertification

Recognizing that pre-planned maintenance may not be for everyone, Techkon USA also allows you to send in your devices for service as you recognize the need. When you ‘pay as you go’, for repairs and/or for recalibration/recertification under our SMP1 approach, you still get everything listed above under our Techkon recertification checklist, just not the discounted pricing, extended warranty, or the bonus features offered to customers who choose the SMP3 or SMP2 approach.

Sending your device in for 1X service is easy, too. Just click the link below to our Service Request Form and let us know your device is on its way. If you’re an established instrument customer, we’ll complete your service and send an invoice when the device is ready to be shipped back to you.


Any unit sent in for repair must also be recertified by our technician if it has been more than (24) months since the last recertification.

If devices are sent to the Techkon USA Service Center for repair/recalibration, SMP1 customers are authorizing Techkon USA to proceed with repairs under $1,600 in total. If additional items and/or repairs are necessary, Techkon USA will provide an estimate before proceeding.


[Service Request Form]

More than DeltaE
More than DeltaE

What’s Included in a Techkon Recertification?

At the initiation of your SMP3 or SMP2, our customer support team will create your device’s service schedule and set the reminders for when it’s time to send them back for recertification/recalibration. Here’s what happens each time your devices come in:

Techkon Recertification Checklist:

  •   Complete disassembly and visual/technical inspection
  •   Professionally clean the instrument’s optics and electromechanical parts
  •   Check battery charging capacity. Replace as needed
  •   Check white standard
  •   Verify and update internal device color calibration
  •   Update device firmware (if needed)
  •   Update system/cloud software (if needed)
  •   Reassemble to factory standards
  •   Conduct multi-point functionality test
  •   Clean carry case
  •   ISO certificate supplied verifying recalibration

Note on Recommended Recalibration/Recertification Scheduling:
Techkon USA recommends recalibration/recertification of your devices once a year under typical usage, and twice a year in heavy use applications. (Upon receipt of your new units take notice of the original factory calibration date provided, as it can be up to as many as 6 months prior to your date of purchase.)