Techkon is committed to providing all of the technical resources necessary for printers and packaging companies worldwide to understand and implement a variety of color measurement solutions.  We partner with industry experts to produce the very best in content related to industry standards like G7 and ISO, upcoming trends like expanded gamut, as well as the most up to date information on densitometers, spectrophotometers, closed loop color control, and inline inspection systems.

On-Press Color Control
for Packaging

Learn more about press-side QC and reporting on brand requirements.

What is a

Download this carefully crafted technical resource to learn more about the benefits of using a SpectroDensitometer.


Evaluation of Available ISO 13655 Backing Materials and Measurement Differences for the Packaging Industry

Closed Loop
Color Control

Learn more about how to modernize
your press and increase your profits.

G7 Guide
for Flexo

Download the G7 Guide for Flexo
written by G7 expert, Ron Ellis.

Inline Color
Quality Management

Read about the business benefits
of inline color quality control.

The Benefits of
Color QC Software

Read about the business benefits
of color quality management software.

The Printer's
Guide to G7

Read the revised and expanded
guide written by G7 expert, Ron Ellis.

Can your Spectro
Do This?

See how your spectrodensitometer
compares to the SpectroDens.

Device Agreement &
Consistent Color

Learn about best practices to
improve measurement consistency.

Printing to
the Numbers

Read more about color quality
management software.

Expanded Gamut

Understanding the landscape
and implementation approach.

Automated On Press
Color Control

Read more about inline on press
color quality control.

An Overview
of Closed Loop

Get an in-depth explanation of
closed loop color control.

Inline Color Control

Understanding the value of inline
color quality assurance.

Color QC
for Packaging

Read more about implementing a
color QC process for packaging.

A Closed Loop
Process for Flexo

Learn more about a closed loop
process for flexographic presses.

Implementing a
Color QC Process

Understanding the value of a color QC
process for packaging.

CIELab for
Consistent Color

Why CIELab is vital
for consistent color matching.

Densitometers VS.

A functional comparison of
densitometers & spectrophotometers.

Automation and

Importance of automation in a
pressroom environment.