Video Gallery

The Techkon video gallery offers a wide variety of support, how to’s, and training videos designed for our prepress, pressroom, and packaging communities. The gallery is organized by product name and includes videos for our handheld densitometers, scanning densitometers and spectrophotometers, color qc software, inline inspection system, ink formulation software, and more!  Check out one or all of our videos to learn more about the exciting features on our products.

SpectroDens Videos

SpectroDens: Auto Density
SpectroDens: Delta E and Pass Fail
SpectroDens: Function Setup
SpectroDens: Expresso Mini
SpectroDens: OBA
SpectroDens: Ink Check
SpectroDens: Printing Curve
SpectroDens: Opacity
SpectroDens: Gray Guide
SpectroDens: Color Match

SpectroPlate Videos

SpectroPlate: New Generation

SpectroJet Videos

SpectroJet: Introduction

SpectroDrive Videos

SpectroDrive: Introduction

ChromaLT Videos

ChromaLT: Tutorial on ChromaMatch Module
ChromaLT: Tutorial on ChromaStandards Module
ChromaLT: Using Averaged Color Measurements
ChromaLT: Comparing Gear VS Operator Sides
ChromaLT: Ink Check
ChromaLT: Ease of Use
ChromaLT: Color QC in the Inkroom
ChromaLT: Easily Search and Locate Colors

ChromaQA Videos

ChromaQA: Standards Module
ChromaQA: Intro Module
ChromaQA: Spec Module
ChromaQA: Admin Module
ChromaQA: Reports Module
ChromaQA: Queries Module
ChromaQA: Press Module

DENS Videos


SpectroVision Videos

SpectroVision: Integrated Color Measurement

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