Creating a new color library from measurements

  1. Connect the SpectroDens to your computer
  2. Launch SpectroConnect software
    • Make sure your serial number is displayed in the bottom left corner
  3. Select: File>> New color library
  4. Select: Edit>> New color book
    • Name new color book (click to highlight and type in new name)
  5. On the SpectroDens
    • Select CIE L*a*b* in bottom left
    • Select the Reference tab, top left
      • Press the Enter key to bring up pop-up menu
      • Select: Save Automatically, press Enter to enable (green dot showing)
    • Take desired reference readings
    • Readings display in the References: panel, left side, mid screen
    • Name colors (click to highlight and type in new name)
    • Select all your color readings in the References color panel and drag to bottom right panel
    • Right click & Select all
    • Click, hold and drag
  6. Color measurements will populate the bottom right Sample Color panel
    • Check to see the correct color library name is displayed above the Sample Color panel
  7. Select: File>> Save Color Library as to save library to local hard drive
  8. Color library file can be moved and saved just like any other file

Using Pantone or other .cxf3 color libraries

  1. Launch SpectroConnect software and select: File>New color library
  2. Select: File>> CxF Import
    • Navigate to the Pantone or .cxf3 color library & select
      • CxF3 color library displays
      • Load into SpectroDens III

Entering and creating color libraries from Lab values

  1. Launch SpectroConnect software and select: File>> New color library
  2. Select: Edit>> New color book
  3. Select: Edit>> New measurement
    • Edit reference dialog box displays
    • Type in a color name & enter Lab values
    • Select: OK to save
  4. Enter multiple Lab values by selecting: New measurement set
    • Cut and paste a list of Lab values into the panel
    • Required format is: “Name 58.00 21.00 10.00”

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