Case Study: Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation


  • Paperboard and Paper-based Packaging
  • Design, Display & Merchandising Services
  • Environmentally Sustainable Packaging


  • Improved color quality and consistency across
    an integrated network of 12 paper mills and
    more than 100 container operations.


  • Company-wide installation of the Techkon SpectroDens Premium
  • Implementation and training on a new color best practices program


  • Higher color quality
  • Greater consistency in brand color, across facilities
  • Increased scheduling efficiencies through a faster makeready process
  • Ability to track press performance across the network
  • Decreased material and labor costs

The Story

Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation (“Smurfit-Stone”) was looking to reduce their environmental footprint while increasing color quality and consistency across their integrated network of 12 paper mills and more than 100 container operations. As a premium packaging printer for Serving the most discerning of national brand owner customers, they looked to standardize their operations on Techkon’s SpectroDens®.

Techkon worked with Smurfit-Stone to assess needs and draw up an implementation plan that would put Smurfit-Stone on packaging’s leading edge of color quality control. To speed the makeready process, brand color libraries were loaded directly onto devices so with a click, press operators were able to quickly assess “Pass/Fail” with clear recommendations on how to bring color in line quickly and efficiently.

The ability to quickly check color accuracy as well as recommended color adjustments allowed Smurfit-Stone to increase operational efficiencies across press rooms, decrease their environmental waste and footprint and recognize significant savings in time, labor and material costs.

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