Case Study: Interco Print


  • Web Offset printer of: Publications, Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogs, Inserts


  • High volume web offset publication printer looking to meet customer’s demand for postpress trending reports


  • Installation of a TECHKON SpectroDrive to efficiently capture color data and generate detailed, customer-mandated reports


  • SpectroDrive provides the data quickly and efficiently, automatically scanning the color bar anywhere on the press sheet
  • Customer receives better quality data
  • Data collection commenced within a few days of install
  • What used to take 5 days now takes less than two
  • SpectroDrive fulfilled customer requirements, and freed up labor for 3 days a week to work on other production

The Story

When several of their larger customers wanted to “raise the quality bar” and require that they provide real-time quality control reports of the press data for their print jobs, Interco Print needed a unique solution. The only way to accomplish this was for Interco Print to measure individual press sheets throughout the press run to capture the requested data. A daunting task at best!

Many options were presented to Mike to enable him to gather, analyze and provide his customers with a comprehensive report. Initially, Interco Print started gathering the press data using a conventional hand-held densitometer. This was a painstaking process that required a dedicated resource to spend a full week manually measuring press sheets to gather all the required data before compiling a comprehensive report for his clients.

Top Three Reasons why Interco Print choose Techkon’s SpectroDrive:
Ease of operation, time savings and overall support

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