Case Studies

Learn How Techkon Has Positively Impacted These Clients
Case Study: Southeastern

Everyone loves the Techkon PressLink, because it makes their jobs easier.”

Don Lewis, 2nd Shift Supervisor, Southeastern

Case Study: Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation

“Our partnership with TECHKON has not only provided Smurfit-Stone with fast, highly accurate color measurement in the SpectroDens Premium, but also the expertise to develop a process-driven approach to achieve excellence in color quality and pressroom performance.”

Russ Lawrimore, senior director of Operational Excellence Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation

Case Study: HardingPoorman Group

“Our operators never used the high-end spectro-densitometers that came with our presses. Our operators use Techkon color measurement devices because they trust them and believe their measurements. Techkon SpectroDens is a vital tool that enables our press operators to buy into our entire color control process. It has made a monumental difference to our business.”

Jim Wachob, HPG Prepress Systems Manager

Case Study: B&W Press

“TECHKON SpectroJet helps us maintain color consistency shift-to-shift, achieving a significant savings in consumables, eliminating paper waste of ½ -¼ roll per job and increasing press uptime to accommodate one additional press run each day. In all, a very favorable ROI.”

Case Study: Interco Print

“TECHKON’s SpectroDrive helped us literally take days off the time we needed every week to provide detailed data to our extremely demanding customers. What used to take a week, now takes less than two days.”

Mike Kent, Plant Manager