Techkon Referral Program
Earn rewards for you and your company!

Automatically get a 10% discount when you refer a new customer who buys Techkon.

Simply use the form below to refer your peers and when they purchase, you will get a 10% off voucher. Some Terms apply (see Terms below).

If you’d like to take advantage of premium offers, we offer more customized ways you can choose your reward:

We give you options for your rewards. Two levels of rewards are available depending on the amount purchased by the person you refer.


  • 10% off a purchase of equipment, software or service, up to $1500, good for 12 months
  • Free check, cleaning and recalibration of one (1) SpectroDens unit
  • Paid attendance to a color show (show entry only): up to $500


  • 20% off a purchase of equipment, software or service, up to $1500, good for 12 months
  • FREE attendance to a color show (includes entry to show, travel, hotel, food up to $1500)
  • Free recalibration of up to 3 SpectroDens units
  • Free “Dens” basic densitometer



TERMS: The customer you refer must be “new” – never purchased from Techkon previously or completed a RFQ (formal request for quotation) or product demo. Nor can the Reference already have been referred by someone else.  The customer you refer must complete a Purchase Order or take delivery within 18 months of your referral. For the 10% voucher, the maximum value is $1500 and is limited as 10% of the items purchased by the Referred Customer (if the customer purchases $7500 then the voucher is $750). For the customized benefits, the reward applies to the initial purchase but if the reference purchases within the smaller bracket first and then purchases within the larger bracket within 6 months then you will also receive the reward for the higher bracket.


Let’s get started! Complete the form below to refer an associate who should consider Techkon for purchase:

Refer an Associate

Thank you for referring a friend. Please tell us first about yourself so that we can give you credit –

Next give us your associate’s information to help us find them:

Please submit a separate form for each referral. We will not add these referrals to mass email lists through this referral. Thank you!