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ChromaQA Software

The ultimate Pressroom Color Quality control solution. Packed with powerful features for Ink Formulation, Color Measurement, Delta E (∆E), TVI, G7, Job Reporting, and so much more.


Combined Spectrophotometer and Densitometer, helps process, spot, Pantone® & ciritcal brand colors by measuring solid ink density, % dot area, CIE Lab, deltaE, and more.


In-line spectrophotomer for real-time color measurement on Flexo, Offset, & Digital printers. Live Web Viewing, Bar Code Grading, & instant Pass/Fail results.


Lightning-fast measurement of Density, Dot Area, Grey Balance, and high-precision illuminated magnifying glass for visual control of print results.


Integral precision track and motor for automatic scanning, but it can also be easily picked up and used on-the-fly as a handheld device for “spot check” measurements. Available in two Closed-Loop Configurations.

Why is Accurate Color
Mission Critical?

Press Downtime

Running new jobs can require long press make-readies which can reduce overall profitability.

The Consumer Eye

The human eye can identify even slight differences in color down to ∆E of 2, enough to affect consumer behavior.

Wasted Materials

Missed color targets leads to wasted material and continuously decreasing margins.

Client Rejections & Reprints

When color is even slighty off, clients can reject shipments which make for costly mistakes and jeopardize the relationship.

Used Daily by 50,000+ Print Professionals

Brant Chesner
Brant ChesnerVP & General Manager, TCG Legacy Prinitng & Packaging
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"The cost savings that we are seeing have exceeded our expectations, our personnel are thrilled and we have already recommended Techkon to numerous others.”
Vijay Chand
Vijay ChandTechnical Operations Supervisor, MET Fine Printers

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"I am very pleased with our recent purchase of 2 Techkon SpectroDens. The instrument is performing better than anything I have used before in my 35 years in this industry. The webinars and support that come along with Techkon have also been phenomenal."
Tobias Steik
Tobias SteikDir. Mobile Diagnostics
Central Ink International
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"Techkon separates itself from the competition with superior products and outstanding customer service. Central Ink Corporation has used several of Techkon's instruments optimizing our customers pressroom's over the last decade. We are always pleased with the functionality and reliability. Most importantly, when we have any questions about the SpectroDens for example or want to use software to better quantify data they are available. This personal touch partnered with industry leading technology is what makes them great."
Chuck Fuerbacher
Chuck FuerbacherDirector of Quality, Innomark Communications
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“This past year we decided it was time to upgrade our spectro-densitometers and color software, so we contacted several known companies in the industry. We found that Techkon was very responsive to our needs and was able to provide us with quality instruments and color validation software, that met our needs. I would recommend anyone looking to up their game in color control and validation to contact Techkon.”
Steve LeachGraphics/Prepress Technical Administrator at Midstates, Inc.
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“The new SpectroDens is awesome! I love the new design and functionality. I have used it for 30+ G7 Calibrations. It is a great tool!”
Mike HerndonOperations Manager, Carter Composition Company
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“We just bought 3 of the Techkon SpectroDens, all the bells and whistles. Love them, why we waited this long I have no idea. Easy to use and amazingly…a fully charged battery last more than 10 minutes and you can use them not plugged up to a power cord!! WOW!! Great customer service too, they will actually call you back… Try one if you guys get a chance.”
Frank Burgos
Frank BurgosOwner, FlexoExchange
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“You guys at Techkon are always awesome. Everything works smoothly. You respond promptly. You provide perfect answers. You support us with a smile. We really appreciate you.”
Morgan ManningPrinect Application Specialist, Color Management at Heidelberg
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“We were exposed to the SpectroDens last summer from one of our coworkers from Germany. We were floored. I’ve been using one in the field, as well as our color lead in Kennesaw. So far I really like it. It's just amazingly fast. I use it to do G7 Gray Balance Optimizations and I can either read the minispots in spot or scan mode. I’ve shown it to a few of our press instructors and they’ve been very impressed. I like the small footprint too, it also reads our 3mm Inpress bars quickly.”
Dr Abhay Sharma
Dr Abhay SharmaProfessor, School of Graphic Communications Management Ryerson University
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“I have started to use your device – it is AMAZING. There is a clear working download of the software install from the web site (or included CD). The Spectro Connect software shows the device screen and allows a direct snapshot, that is so useful. I can populate directly into my Excel and add M1/M2 to each data field so that I can be sure of the measurement mode I used to capture the data.”

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