The world’s most innovative In-Line Color Measurement System built for any flexo, digital, and offset web printers.


The world’s most innovative In-Line Color Measurement System built for any flexo, digital, and offset web printers.

Trusted by Industry Leading Print Professionals

Real-time Color Measurement,
at Full Speed.

Get real-time color measurements at full press production speeds – no more stopping the press to take measurements. True spectrophotometer – measure an entire color bar in a single printed impression.

Cut Make-Ready time
by 50%.

Cut Make-Ready time by 50%.

Operators see instant PASS/FAIL & color difference results with intuitive and easy to understand graphics. ChromaQA with SmartInk & InkCheck technology provides ink density adjustments to achieve lowest possible deltaE’s on press.

No more costly
Re-makes. Period.

Detect and resolve problems early, ensure roll to roll consistency. Trend charts for density, delta (∆E), TVI, and more monitor the real-time status for operators.

Report, Analyze, Improve.

Customizable Trend & Job Reports allow you track and share valuable performance data.

Detailed Job Reports

Demonstrate color accuracy & consistency for brand customers.

Custom Trend Reports

Track performance over time for a job, color, print location, press, shift, operator, and more.

Powerful Query Tools

Analyze & learn from your production data to make process improvements a breeze.

Complete Pressroom Quality Solution.

Spectral Remission

Spectral remission and color density determination to ISO 5-3/4 standards. With a Spectral range: 400 to 700 nm (reporting every 10nm).

Bar Code Grading

ISO/ANSI style measurement provides precision Bar Code Grading capabilities, with Pass/Fail detection on Reflectance, Edge Contrast, Decodability and more.

Web Viewing

SpectroVision makes it easy to keep a close eye on Logos, Registration Marks, and Critical Text – all while running at full production speeds.

Watch the SpectroVision in Action

Use the tabs below to watch how print professionals are leveraging the SpectroVision to streamline their color management process and deliver superior printed products!

The Benefits of SpectroVision

Shorter Make-Ready Times

QR Codes enable faster setup.

Reduce Waste

On the fly adjustments.

Sustain Quality Levels

Early indicators & drift warnings.

Real-Time Adjustments

100% of measurements during each run.

Operator Productivity

Easy to use & easy to learn.

Calculate How Much You'll Save
with In-Line Color Measurement

Our handy ROI calculator let’s you pump in a few numbers and see how much you can save with the Techkon SpectroVision in-line system.

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