The advanced (and amazingly affordable) inline color measurement system for
flexographic, digital, and offset web printers that are ready to automate—and transform

For flexo, digital, and offset web printers looking to keep pace in the rapidly changing consumer packaged goods market and alike, Techkon has developed SpectroVision. It’s the world’s most innovative in-line color measurement system and yet it’s easy to bolt on any press and simple to operate. With shorter press runs becoming more common and brand customers holding packaging and label printers more accountable than ever for color accuracy and consistency, the time is now to automate your presses for the future. With SpectroVision’s inline spectrophotometer system doing color QA on-press, you’ll reduce pressroom make-ready times and increase color consistency like never before. Concerned about the cost? Average cost of a complete SpectroVision system is ~$50,000. Contact us today and let us show you how you can achieve a return on investment (ROI) in no time.

Watch our SpectroVision in action
See how Victor Envelope leverages our SpectroVision technology to streamline their color management process and deliver superior printed products!

Increase Print Quality

Integrate your color measurements, live web viewing, & bar code scoring.


Slash Make-Ready Times

Get up to color faster. Save time & materials.

Eliminate Costly Re-Makes

Detect and resolve problems early. Ensure roll to roll consistency.

Report, Analyze, & Improve

Create reports and learn from your production data.

Watch this short video to see the SpectroVision in-line color measurement system for flexo in action.