SpectroPlate | Digital Microscope

The Techkon SpectroPlate is a high resolution digital microscope that measures dot percentage, screen angles, lines per inch/cm, dot gain and AM, FM or Hybrid Screens of traditional offset or process-less, chemistry-free printing plates.


Experience the highest accuracy with the CMOS color matrix sensor. The SpectroPlate functions with class-leading repeatability at +/- 0.5%


The SpectroPlate is extremely fast. A single measurement takes just 1 second.

SpectroPlate Highlights
Measures All Types of Plate Media
Conventional & chemistry free plates, polyester and paper.
Measures All Types of Screening
Including AM, FM and Hybrid form low to high resolutions.
Long Lasting Battery
Up to 10,000 measurements per charge.
QC Software Included
Build transfer curves and examine dot image captures.
Ability to Measure Without Computer Connection
Measure, save and view up to 250 sample measurements without the need to be connected to a computer
Additional Information

Is SpectroPlate a portable device?
Yes, it is a compact and mobile unit with an integrated LCD graphic display which shows the measurement data and the enlarged microscopic image.

Can dot percentage values be transmitted directly into RIP applications?
Yes, just connect SpectroPlate via the USB connection to a Windows PC and use the supplied software SpectroPlate Connect to send the measurement data pre-formatted directly into the RIP application in order to linearize a platesetter.

Why is SpectroPlate so accurate?
It is a combination of a high precision optical system and the use of sophisticated image processing algorithms. By internally calibrating each device in the factory to the accurate offset plate reference FMB from the renown research institute fogra, SpectroPlate units have an excellent inter-instrument agreement.

What about maintenance?
SpectroPlate is maintenance free. It is designed to work in harsh industrial environments. Since there are no moving parts, there is no wear and tear.

Why can SpectroPlate handle all different types of offset plates?
Thanks to the spectral broadband sample illumination and the dynamic color image selection high contrast images for all different plate materials ensure high measurement quality.

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