Auto Scanning Spectrophotometer
SpectroDrive Auto Scanning Spectrophotometer

The SpectroDrive scans press sheet color bars in a matter of seconds while simultaneously sending spectral and density measurement data to a PC running the Techkon Expresso software. Scan a 40″ press sheet in less than 8 seconds.



The measured density and color information is displayed with suggested density changes for more accurate color. The spectral color engine delivers unbeatable measurement accuracy and consistency over time.


The SpectroDrive can be used for automatic scanning or as a hand-held device for “spot check” measurements.

SpectroDrive Highlights
Measurement Modes
M0/M1/M2/M3 for compliance with G7 and new ISO standards.
Screen on Scanner
Displays color values, density, battery/wireless status, and shows current measurement conditions.
Laser Guide
Verify alignment of color bar more easily before scanning.
Solid aluminum casing, wireless charger, improved wheel design.
G7 Functionality
Use G7 functionality with recommended ink key specific adjustments of C,M,Y densities to obtain neutral values according to the G7 specification.
Ink Zone Control Strip Can Be Printed
And measured anywhere on the press sheet.
InkCheck Ensures More Accurate Color
InkCheck feature measures density and color and suggests ink key specific density changes to obtain more accurate color.
Quick Comparison of Closed-Loop Spectrophotometers
Techkon SpectroDrive Leading competitor
One instrument for both color bar & spot measurements – Additional handheld instrument is not needed – Saves you money


Color bar can be positioned anywhere on the sheet – Can scan a color bar in the center of the page – Accommodates wider range of jobs


Track lengths up to 81 inches – Significantly less expensive than the other guys for wider press


Standard aperture size is 1.5mm – Supports small color bars without additional costs


Polarization Included – Minimizes variability from wet ink


Measurement Specifications:
ISO 13655 Measurement Conditions – Accommodates wider range of print applications


100% LED Illumination: No lamp replacement is necessary- lower cost of ownership


Other Considerations:
Software Upgrades Included – Saves you money


No vacuum system is required – Faster, less maintenance, easy to maintain


Wireless communication to host PC – Eliminates tangle and restriction of cables


Additional Information
M0 to M3 Modes
Integrated Screen
Laser Guide

What printing presses and printing format does the system support?
There is no limitation in type or size of printing presses.

What print control strips should be used?
Any color bar will work. It may be necessary to edit the sequence of the measurement fields. This is a task which is easy to do and it has to be done only once.

What is the advantage of the TECHKON TCS print control strips?
The TCS print control strips have measurement patches for solid density in each ink zone. Additionally they supply all the necessary information for dot area 40 and 80 %, gray balance, ink trapping, slur and doubling.

Which system requirements do the software TECHKON ExPresso and ExPresso Pro have?
Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10. Two USB ports are reuqired: One for the wireless data transmission module and one for the security key (dongle).

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