Advanced Color Reference Tool for Techkon Handhelds and Scanners

Techkon’s SpectroCheck is a specifically designed and advanced color reference tool for checking the measurement accuracy of your in-house SpectroDens’s, SpectroJets and/or SpectroDrives. Designed and built with the same thinking put into our German-engineered precision instruments, SpectroCheck’s features begin with a highly stable base plate that is machined from a solid piece of aluminum. Next, (8) pieces of ceramic tile are factory-referenced to color calibration data of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The digital color data and the application software are then stored on an integrated USB flash memory for you, or you can download it from our website at any time. The software module will lead you step by step through the color reference checking procedure. The result window reports if the measurement device is reading colors as it should. (If it isn’t, we can can recalibrate it for you.) Optionally, the verification of the measurement accuracy can also be done with Techkon ExPresso software. To document the process for ISO purposes, test results can be printed out with all critical data.

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