Modernize Your Press

PressLink is a closed loop color management solution that is used press-side to improve the stability of your print processes on older presses. This is especially important as brand owners continue to demand greater color accuracy and color consistency from their print supply chain.

Rather than turning away or losing business because you can’t meet a customer’s quality specifications or pricing expectations, PressLink makes it possible to deliver the right product at the right price, while increasing your profit margins. In fact, PressLink’s “autopilot” efficiencies mean a return-on-investment that is typically less than 6 months.

How PressLink Works
  1. Before the press run begins, an Ink Presetting module analyzes the digital, imposed, image and automatically opens and closes ink keys on press so the printed densities will be fairly even across the sheet at the start of the job.
  2. While the press is running, a sheet is pulled and a Spectro-Densitometer scans a color bar spanning all ink zone locations in one single measuring operation and automatically sends the results to our PressLink closed loop color management software.
  3. The color control software checks that the press is “printing to the numbers” correctly (density, TVI, graybalance, G7, CIELab, etc.) and, if not, automatically calculates and sends the necessary corrections directly to the press console with individualized ink zone corrections.

The result is accurate and consistent color across the sheet, throughout the press run, across multiple press runs, and across multiple presses & press crews.

A Solution for Every Printer

PressLink is available in 3 different configurations. All configurations include the same ink preset software, quality management software, PC with touchscreen display, and a hardware interface for communication with the make and model of your press.  Just choose the spectrophotometer solution that best meets your scanning and budget requirements and leave the rest to us.  We’ll come to your site for installation of the system, training of your staff, and optimization of the ink presetting system.

PressLink Basic
SpectroDens4 Premium
Includes the Techkon SpectroDens Premium manual hand scanning with encoder
PressLink Advanced
SpectroJet Manual Scanner
Includes the Techkon SpectroJet manual hand scanning with optical encoder
PressLink Premium
SpectroDrive Scanner
Includes the Techkon SpectroDrive motorized, fully automated scanning system
Closed Loop Color Management Software

All solutions include PressLink’s closed loop Color Management software. The software gives operators quality control feedback during the run and can automatically adjust the ink keys to keep the colors on target during the press run. Current color values and trends are shown on the screen. Ink fountain adjustments are calculated by the software and sent to the press console. The console adjusts ink keys so that required density values are maintained for the entire press run.

Used and Trusted By the Largest Global Printing Companies

Return on Investment

Installing PressLink typically results in make-ready time reduction of 8 to 10 minutes per job. For a press that runs 10 jobs/day, 250 days/year and costs $200/hour, the savings in make-ready time alone is worth $100,000 per year.

In addition, paper savings of 100 sheets per job can be seen. Assuming a cost of 10 cents per 40” sheet this results in $27,500 additional savings per year.

Want to calculate your potential savings? Use our instant ROI Calculator.

Pre-Install Checklist

Are you interested in a closed loop system, but wondering if it will work in your environment? Answer these basic questions and we’ll get you started:

PressLink Checklist