MYIRO-1 Profiling
Innovative, User-Friendly & Accurate
Spot & Scan
Scan an entire profiling chart in minutes or take just a single spot measurement. MYIRO-1 uses a precise spectral engine and delivers accurate color measurements every time.
WLAN Connectivity
Wireless connectivity greatly improves the handling. Measure printed charts where it is convenient and comfortable for you and leave the stress behind.
M0, M1, & M2 in one Scan
A single scan can provide measurement data under M0, M1, & M2 measurement conditions to ensure efficiency.
Bi-directional Scanning
Time is cut in half with intelligent and automatic bi-directional scanning of test charts.
Use with 3rd Party RIPs and Software
MYIRO-1 is supported by a growing list of software providers in the industry. See the complete list in the ‘supported 3rd party software’ tab below.
Unlimited Display Profiling
MYIRO-1 includes a software site license allowing you to calibrate and profile every computer display at your facility.
Trust Your Softproof
Create highly accurate ICC display profiles and learn to trust the color on your display for enhanced softproofing.

Measure Module
Measure both industry standard chart formats and MYIRO-1 custom charts. Import from CGATS, XML, & CxF. Supports all measurement conditions simultaneously. View measurement details, sort or edit results, and export data using CGATS.

Analyze Module
A simple but powerful module to check if your printed color test chart results correspond to industry standards.
Printer Profiling for Digital/Analog Presses
Create RGB, CMYK, and CMYK DeviceLink printer profiles using predefined profile settings that remove the guesswork for your operators.

“Specifically with the new Fiery Verifier. Everything worked very well. From the handling point of view it is the most comfortable instrument I have.” Dr. Jurgen Krüger,

“The biggest surprise was the color rendering of the MYIRO Profile compared to the market leader. The quality of the photo prints based on the MYIRO Profile were simply much better in terms of vividness, contrast, everything.” Stefan Steib, Photographer and Journalist

“The price performance ratio for hardware and software is absolutely impressive.” Ronny Willfahrt, PrintXMedia Consult

Advanced Profiling
Includes site license of basICColor display 6 for unlimited use with MYIRO-1
Use pre-defined workflows to get started quickly & easily
Customize workflow settings to suit your needs (white point, luminance, etc.)
Calibrate internal LUTs (in supported displays) for precise luminance, black point, color temperature, and gray balance
Validate profiles automatically after creation to ensure accurate results
Check ambient light and viewing booths for conformity to industry standards
Control and automatically set the luminance of compatible viewing booths to match the display luminance for optimum soft-proofing results
Generate 3D LUT calibrations (in supported displays) to emulate any gamut and allow for color correct viewing even with non-ICC-color-managed workflows like digital video, web design, and even medical viewers
Measure color swatches or single spots to check CIELab, CIELCh, density, and more
Measure printed color control strips (Idealliance, G7 P2P51, FOGRA MediaWedge, etc.)
Measure printed ICC color profiling charts (IT87/4, TC1617, GMG, MYIRO, etc.)
View measurements in chart, column, and patch modes
Save & Export CGATS measurement data files
Automatically Analyze measurement data sets and see PASS/FAIL results:
-Easy Compare – Compares 2 data sets and shows avg. ∆E, max ∆E, and substrate ∆E
-Validation Print - Uses ISO 12647-8 criteria to compare a press sheet/proof print to a reference print condition (or any 2 data sets to each other)  
-Contract Proof - Uses ISO 12647-7 criteria to compare a press sheet/proof print to a reference print condition (or any 2 data sets to each other)  
-G7 - Uses G7 criteria to compare a press sheet/proof print to a reference printing condition - Coming Soon  
-Solid Densities – Choose data set and see your average process solid ink densities  
Save custom references as presets    
Use custom tolerances    
Create RGB printer profiles with pre-defined settings  
Create CMYK printer profiles with pre-defined settings  
Create DeviceLink profiles for CMYK printers with pre-defined settings  
Control & customize RGB & CMYK device profiles settings:    
-Black Generation    
-Gamut Mapping    
-OBA correction    
Customize settings for DeviceLink profiles:    
-Re-calculate Black Generation    
-Gamut Mapping    
-Define rules/exceptions for specific input source color values so they are not changed on the output device    
Agfa Apogee Prepress 12
Agfa ColorTune 12
Agfa Asanti 5
basICColor Display/Display Pro
Bodoni pressSign
CGS ColorTuner
CGS FlexPack
CGS PressMatcher
CGS X Gamut
CGS Certified
ColorGATE ProductionServer
Colorlogic Measuretool (CoPrA, ZePrA, ColorAnt)
Colorware MeasureColor
Coraye Coraye
Creo ColorServers
EFI Color Verifier
EFI Color Profiler Suite
EFI Fiery XF
EFI Color Verifier
Ergosoft Ergosoft 16
Inedit NeoStampa
Konica Minolta IJ Manager (KM-1)
Konica Minolta AccurioPro CloudEye
Mellowcolor Mellowcolor
Illumination/viewing system 45°a:0° (annular illumination)*1
Spectral separation device Concave grating
Wavelength range Spectral reflectance: 380 to 730 nm
Spectral irradiance: 360 to 730 nm
Wavelength pitch 10 nm
Half bandwidth appr. 10 nm
Measurement area ø 3.5 mm
Light source LED
Measurement range Reflectance: 0 to 150% / Density: 0.0 D to 2.5D
Repeatability Colorimetric: Within 𝞼∆E00 0.05
(When white calibration plate is measured 30 times in 10-second intervals after white calibration has been performed)
Inter-instrument agreement Within ∆E00 0.3
(Average of 12 BCRA Series II color tiles compared to values measured with a master body under manufacturer's standard conditions)
Measurement time Approximately 1 second (single-point)
Measurement conditions *2 M0, M1, M2, User-defined illuminant
Observers 2° Standard Observer, 10° Standard Observer
Status indicator LED to indicate instruments status
Interface Wireless LAN (802.11 b/g/n); USB 2.0
Scanning measurements Scanning of color charts under all measurement conditions in one single scan
Power USB bus power; Rechargeable internal battery
Dimensions (WxDxH) 73 mm x 171 mm x 71 mm
Operating temperature/humidity range 10° to 35°C, 30% to 85% relative humidity with no condensation
Storage temperature/humidity range 0° to 45°C, 0% to 85% relative humidity with no condensation
*1 Illumination for wavelengths under 400 nm is unidirectional
*2 M0, M1, M2: Illumination conditions defined in ISO 13655