DENS | Densitometer
Three Devices in One

The new Dens is a color reflection densitometer for CMYK color prints, a film transmission densitometer and a high-precision illuminated magnifying glass for the visual control of printing results.

Easy To Use

The Dens, easily operated by only three buttons, indicates densities, dot area and gray balance clearly legible on a large color display. Automatic color and gray balance detection speeds up the measuring.

Built To Last

To meet the demands of a printing rooms harsh environment, the compact casing of the DENS is made of solid aluminum and is therefore very robust.

Dens Highlights
Cost Effective
This cost effective entry-level instrument allows everyone to perform a fundamental densitometric quality control on the basis of the reliable high accuracy well-known from all Techkon instruments.
Durable and Energy-saving LED Light Source
A multi-channel color sensor evaluates the measuring signal guaranteeing inter-instrument agreement with high-class spectrophotometers.
Fast to Recharge
The integrated Li-Ion battery can be recharged very fast via the USB cable on any USB port. And you can make 10,000 readings on a single charge.
Elegant Design
The Dens has an ergonomic and elegant design, making it a useful tool for printers that works well and looks great.
Check out the DENS in action!
DENS Diagram
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Order the DENS and get a 30 day money back guarantee.