Color quality control, simplified.

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Color quality control, simplified.

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The Future of Color Quality Software

Watch the ChromaQA 5 launch video below to see some of the amazing features in action.

ChromaQA with SmartInk Live Demo

Who is ChromaQA for?

As an early adopter of Techkon's SmartInk software, Interflex Group has gained hands on experience with meaningful impact to their operation, both on press and in the Inkroom.

Printers not willing to splurge for ink formulation software.
Brands & Printers who want to improve their sustainability impact by significantly improving their waste ink work-off rates and reducing paper/substrate waste.
Printers who want to simplify and remove the guesswork from ink toning process on press when density adjustments alone don’t cut it, significantly reducing make ready times and freeing up the ink room.
Printers who want to deliver consistent high quality color on target, on time and on budget every time for their customers.
Printers who want to improve their bottom line by reducing make-ready times and wasted materials.  Allowing for increased billable press-time.
Printers struggling with the current skilled labor shortages who want to empower anyone to get to color quickly and precisely, even without much prior experience.
Brands who want seamless global color management & QC in the cloud.

Color Standards & Ink Management

Pressroom Quality Control

Chroma QA with SmartInk Recipe Correction

Next-Level Analytics & Reporting

The Benefits of ChromaQA 5

Powerful features that help you achieve unbelievable color accuracy,
all built into one, easy to use software.

Feedback for Press Operators

Remove the guesswork and cut make-ready times in half. Easily store jobs, match color targets, and adjust ink recipes in no-time.

Centralized Ink Management

Store, organize, rationalize, and share inks across your print locations. Perform quality checks in the Inkroom to prevent problems on press.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Create job reports with a click, show trends, and create custom dashboards with on-the-go accessibility. Filter, export, and drill-down on the data that matters most.

Accessible Cloud-Based Data

Cloud based data & reporting connects key color information across the globe. Keep track of job data remotely, anywhere, at anytime.

ChromaQA with SmartInk

ChromaQA with SmartInk makes it effortless to achieve accurate color on press and formulate colors in the Inkroom.

Unbeatable Customer Satisfaction

Reduce press down-time, nail color targets, and increase production efficiency with zero sacrifices. That’s the power of ChromaQA.

ChromaQA with SmartInk
Live Demo

Watch our Head of Product Management, Steve Rankin, demonstrate how ChromaQA with SmartInk works with real use cases.​

Available in
3 Powerful Configurations

ChromaQA Ink

Ink Management and Color Standards for quality control in the Inkroom.

Cloud-based Ink Management
QC for the Inkroom
Advanced Pressroom Color Matching
Customer Job Reports
Powerful Query & Analysis Tools
Scorecard System

ChromaQA Lite

Get all the perks of Chroma-Ink, plus a few features used in the Pressroom.

Cloud-based Ink Management
QC for the Inkroom
Simple Pressroom Color Matching
Customer Job Reports
Powerful Query & Analysis Tools