The Simple and Intuitive Color Management Software Platform for Maximizing Project Efficiency and Achieving Operational Excellence


ChromaQA software from Techkon USA is a full platform of affordable and powerful modules that enable maximum operational efficiency and improved profitability. Use it in your ink room for looking up colors to run the best match to customer specs. Empower your press operators with deeper insight on ideal corrective actions to take during make ready and production. And provide your quality managers the ability to centralize ink management and create powerful job reports and shift performance analysis. Also included in ChromaQA is the ability to manage an entire fleet of Techkon devices and systems, so you can ensure devices have been calibrated and recertified on a regular basis, and are working properly, no matter where they are located.

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Watch this brief introductory video and learn how ChromaQA can help you manage all your color quality control challenges with ease. To learn more about the unique features of the ChromaQA INK Standards
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Feedback for Press Operators

Easily and quickly guides operators to the optimum color match. Removes the guesswork and slashes make-ready times.


Centralized Ink management

Store, organize, rationalize, and share inks across your print locations. Perform quality checks in the inkroom to prevent problems on press.


powerful reporting tools

Create job reports for brand customers. Query tools show trends, provide visibility, and allow for continuous process improvements.


Accessible cloud-based data

Cloud-based architecture ensures easy sharing of color standards, jobs, and quality reports across the entire organization.


Intuitive Color QC Software

Implementing color quality management allows you to find color problems earlier and save money. ChromaQA distills color measurements into clear, precise, and actionable feedback for press operators and ink technicians.

With ChromaQA, operators are not required to be highly skilled users of spectrophotometers or computers. Instead, the software has been designed for simplicity and quickly guides your operators to the optimum color match by removing the guesswork. As a result, ChromaQA can slash your pressroom make-ready times, ensure consistency throughout each press run, and catch ink problems before they are installed in the press. Are you ready to take control and increase your profitability?

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Available in 3 Configurations



Global Ink Management



Simplified Spot Color Matching



Easier Process & Spot Color Make-Readies


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