As brand customers increase the number of SKU’s, decrease their run lengths, and demand an even higher level of color accuracy, reducing your pressroom make-ready times and increasing your color consistency have never been more important for retaining both your customers and your profitability.

ChromaQA is a software solution that works in conjunction with your pressroom spectrophotometers to distill color measurement data into clear, precise, and actionable feedback your operators. With ChromaQA, operators are not required to be highly skilled users of spectrophotometers or computers.

Instead, the software has been designed for simplicity and quickly guides your operators to the optimum color match by removing the guesswork. As a result, ChromaQA can slash your pressroom make-ready times and ensure consistency throughout each press run.

In addition to helping your press operators, ChromaQA also includes dedicated color QC tools for your Ink Department as well as a reporting engine for your Quality Department.

Finally, a cloud-based architecture ensures that you can easily share color standards, jobs, and quality reports across your entire production team.

Get Up to Color Faster and Stay There
  • Press-side color monitoring to detect problems early, reduce make-readies, and save you money
  • Measure printed samples and see instant PASS/FAIL & color difference results with easy to read, visual, graphics
  • InkCheck technology provides specific ink density adjustments to achieve lowest possible deltaE’s on press
  • Eliminate the guesswork for your operators with clear and actionable feedback
  • Have complete confidence you are delivering color accurate & color consistent work to your clients
  • Support for Process and Spot colors -> Check density, deltaE, TVI, Trap, Graybalance, G7 and more
  • Job-based system ensures accurate communication of all color standards, tolerances, and measurement settings
Manage Your Color Standards and QC Your Inks
  • Dedicated ink & color standards management module
  • Store color standards by organizing with simple Book and Library hierarchy
  • Add new colors via measurement, import from file, or manual entry
  • Search for colors by name or using deltaE threshold
  • Measure and check accuracy of new ink recipes, new batches of ink, or incoming ink shipments from your outside vendor
  • Check & record color accuracy of each new ink batch to ensure accuracy before they reach the pressroom
Report and Analyze Your Production Color Data
  • Create job reports showing color accuracy & consistency for internal stakeholders or brand customers
  • Create custom trend reports showing performance over time for a job, color, print location, press, shift, operator, etc
  • Powerful query tools allow you to analyze and learn from your production data to further refine your production process
  • Have color and job data at your fingertips when end customers have a complaint or question color accuracy

Experience ChromaQA’s ease of use, powerful functionality,
and flexibility


Seamless connectivity and access to PantoneLIVE.


In an industry with razor thin margins, it’s easy to see why faster make ready times and substantial savings in ink and paper are simply good for business. Customers need accurate colors and consistent colors, and they know what’s possible with today’s technology. Many even ask for proof that their color specifications have been met. ChromaQA is enabling printers of all sizes to meet these demands and more.

Download THE BUSINESS BENEFITS OF COLOR QUALITY MANAGEMENT to learn how color quality software can measurably help your business.