Handheld Densitometer & Spectrophotometer
  • Fast, accurate, and designed for convenience
  • Measure spot colors, density or scan color bars
  • View density variation across press width
  • Verify proofs against ISO and other standards
  • Maintain G7 neutral values with control strip
  • Evaluate critical brand colors
  • Connect with desktop software over Wi-Fi


Ink and Pressroom Color QC for Accurate & Consistent Color
  • Feedback for press operators
  • Centralized ink management
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Accessible cloud-based data
  • Available in 3 configurations: Ink, Lite, and Suite


Fast-automated Color Bar Scanning
  • New generation features – measurement modes, screen on scanner, laser guide
  • Measure a 40-inch press in less than 8 seconds
  • Device is automatically guided on rails
  • Move measurement head for “spot checks”
  • Software includes G7 control, and recommendations for ink density adjustment needed for accurate color
  • Customers see 30% productivity increase
  • Add PressLink closed-loop to modernize your press


Digital Microscope
  • Measures dot percentage, screen angles, lines per inch/cm, dot gain
  • Use with AM/FM or Hybrid Screens of traditional offset or process-less, chemistry-free printing- plates
  • Build dot transfer curve to feed through RIP or know plate setter adjustments
  • Stores 250 samples and features, and long-lasting battery


A must-have tool made for printers
  • Fast, accurate, and dependable densitometer
  • Rugged design with milled aluminum body
  • Optical engine uses a new high-precision color sensor
  • Measure CMYK density, dot gain and grey balance
  • Integrated 4X magnifier lens with LED illumination
  • Measures film transmission
  • 10,000 readings on a single charge


Inline Quality Inspection
  • Color measurement – measures an entire press control strip (up to 100 color patches) in a single printed impression
  • Live web viewing – registration marks, logos, critical text
  • Bar code grading – ISO/ANSI style grading


Spectrophotometer on Wheels
  • Simple, flexible scanning device
  • Measure density and color values of process and
    spot colors
  • Wheels on the device ensure a straight run wheels
    guided by hand
  • Still measures a 40-inch press in 8 seconds
  • Data is transferred to PC within seconds
  • Control strip can be placed anywhere on the sheet
  • Software includes features for G7 and ink density control

Colibri™ Ink Formulation

Best-of-breed enterprise system for accurate measuring
  • Takes out the guesswork – delivers accurate ink recipes for a variety of inks, paper and process types.
  • Gets you to zero-waste with reuse of leftover inks
  • Link multiple locations, integrate with ink dispensers, different spectros and connect with your ERP system


Inline Measurement for Digital and Flexo Press
  • Measures spectral color at speeds of up to 2000 fpm
  • Installed on a mechanical arm that traverses the web
  • Measures in both print and transverse direction
  • Measures in-image colors directly
  • Real-time color quality reporting for press operator
  • Meets the most exacting demands for color quality
  • Maximizes color performance from your digital or flexo process


Instrument Color Verification
  • Colored ceramic samples on a turn-wheel are referenced to the Institute BAM
  • Reference for verifying accuracy of instruments
  • Printable report shows if the measurement device conforms to the technical specifications
  • User is led through step-by-step checking procedure


Profiling Spectrophotometer
  • Calibrate your Monitor
  • Profile your Printer
  • Measure Spots or Strips
  • Wireless Operation


Autoscanning Spectrophotometer
  • Scan 1,500 patches in 4 minutes
  • Free-format versatility for wide range of charts
  • M1, M0 & M2 from a single scan
  • Automatic QR code Recognition
  • USB and Ethernet Connectivity


Print Color Software Utility
  • Create a group of color targets and transfer them to device for comparison
  • Export data to Excel for detailed analysis
  • Compare color value for two colors side-by-side
  • Use scan feature of SpectroDENS to measure large charts like P2P