Certified Demo Unit: SpectroJet w/ Expresso (Basic or Pro)

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The SpectroJet, a spectrophotometer on wheels, automatically measures density and color values of process and spot colors, and simultaneously transfers the measurement data to a PC within seconds. The device is simply guided by hand along color test patches,with tracking wheels to ensure a straight run.

  • The instrument can be used for automatic scanning or as a hand-held device for spot check measurements.
  • G7 functionality with recommended ink key specific adjustments of C,M,Y densities to obtain neutral values according to the G7 specification.
  • The ink zone control strip can be printed and measured anywhere on the press sheet.
  • InkCheck feature measures density and color and suggests ink key specific density changes to obtain more accurate color.
  • This device is available in 2 models: Basic or Pro.

Additional information

Weight5 lbs

SpectroJet Basic w/20" Track, SpectroJet Basic w/29" Track, SpectroJet Pro w/20" Track, SpectroJet Pro w/29" Track