Pass/Fail with your SpectroDensitometer

Using the Pass/Fail Function: This function is found on the SpectroDens Premium handheld instruments.

1. What is this function / What does it do? The Pass/Fail function is a unique Techkon function that easily enables a Press Operator or QC Manager to compare a sample color, ink drawdown or press sheet to a standard color stored onboard the instrument. They know immediately whether or not they are within tolerance with the onscreen feedback and audible beeping. The color either Passes or it Fails.

Customers are now requiring more accurate color data to show that their press runs were printed within certain corporate brand or industry specifications. This requires more advanced measurements including L*a*b* and Delta E. Learning and understanding L*a*b* can be very difficult and there are no L*a*b* knobs on a printing press so the operators can become confused by this information.

They understand that they need to keep the color under a certain Delta E (DE), and Pass/Fail is fastest and easiest tool available to do this. They are either in or out of tolerance.

2. Why is it important / What is great about it? This tool is extremely important when trying to print within customer or industry standards. The standard colors can be loaded onto the SpectroDens Premium. An “acceptable Delta E tolerance” is then established that the printer is required to stay within. This tolerance value is then set within the device and with the push of the green measurement button the operator knows whether or not they are matching colors.

3. Why do customers need this type of functionality? The sooner a color matching problem is detected, the sooner it can be diagnosed. Once a “Fail” reading is obtained the press operator can begin to try some corrective measures to determine the cause of the “Fail” reading. The sooner a problem is discovered and resolved, the less waste is created and the more profit goes in the printers pocket.