Offset Closed-Loop for A Lot Less

Are you currently only using a handheld densitometer in your offset pressroom to perform print quality control? Have you considered investing in a closed-loop color control system but backed off because you thought the price was out of reach? Well, what if I told you that Techkon offers a solution with a price tag in the mid $30,000 range? That’s right! A full blown, closed-loop, system with the same software feature set as our automated systems but utilizing an ultra-reliable hand scanning instrument called SpectroJet.

If you are not familiar with the SpectroJet, allow me to explain. Like its’ pressroom handheld sibling, the award winning SpectroDens, SpectroJet is a true spectrophotometer that is highly accurate, utilizes 100% LED illumination, and fulfills M0, M1, M2, and M3 measurement conditions in accordance with ISO 13655. It also features a side mounted aperture which is super easy to align over your press sheet’s color bar. Precisely aligned wheels on the bottom of the device allow the operator to simply roll the device by hand across the press sheet and it tracks perfectly straight over the color bar. An embedded, optical encoder, monitors the speed and distance traveled by the device so scanning is reliable and flawless every time.

We then pair the SpectroJet with the same closed-loop software solution, PressLink, that we offer with our higher priced automated scanning system, SpectroDrive. The result is a low cost, closed-loop, solution that can dramatically increase press-side efficiencies. Here’s how it works:

  1. Before the press run begins, an Ink Presetting module analyzes the digital, imposed, image and automatically opens and closes ink keys on press so the printed densities will be fairly even across the sheet at the very start of the job.
  2. During make-ready, a sheet is pulled and the operator scans the SpectroJet across the color bar spanning all ink zone locations and the measurement data is automatically sent to the PressLink closed-loop color management software.
  3. The color control software checks that the press is correctly “printing to the numbers” (density, TVI, graybalance, G7, CIELab, etc.) and, if not, automatically calculates and sends the necessary corrections directly to the press console with individualized ink zone corrections.
  4. When make-ready is over, this process is then repeated periodically so that required density & color values are maintained throughout the entire press run.

With this kind of automation, make-ready times are slashed and saving go up. The result is accurate and consistent color across the sheet, throughout the press run, across multiple press runs, and across multiple presses & press crews. If you’re thinking about going beyond your old handheld pressroom densitometer and giving your press a cost-effective upgrade to get up to color faster and stay there, then consider the Techkon SpectroJet or one of our more automated closed-loop color control systems.

As always, please give us a call to learn more. We would love to speak with you and help you find precisely the best pressroom color measurement solution that fits your needs. Please stay safe and be well during this challenging time.