MYIRO-1: First Impressions of the Software

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog regarding my first impressions of the MYIRO-1 instrument and how it stands apart from the competition.  This week, I’d like share a few quick thoughts regarding the MYIRO-1 ICC color management software and how it has been built to support several specific use cases that complement an ICC profiling workflow very nicely.

Ease of Use:
Before we get into the features and functions of the software, I would first like to comment on its overall design and usability.  There are other ICC color management software applications on the market today.  However, the trick is keeping the profiling process simple for the user.  With the MYIRO solution, software engineers have done a very good job of designing a software interface that is very straight forward and easy to use.  This is particularly great news for users that are either (1) new to the process of building ICC color profiles or (2) making the switch from something older.

Examination of Color Measurements:
MYIROtools provides the capability to measure profiling charts, quality control wedges, and any industry standard color targets.  However, it’s what happens next that really brings out the “color geek” in all of us!  A powerful set of tools allow the user to examine every aspect of their color measurements including the ability to display a wide array of color attributes for each measurement and data sorting tools as well.  In addition, data set comparison tools are also built in to determine the ∆E’s between 2 measurement sets along with other key comparison metrics.  Honestly, it’s a little like having Excel built right into MYIROtools and it allows for some pretty cool analysis to happen without jumping through any hurdles.

Simplified QC Tools:
Once any color test chart has been measured or loaded into the software, MYIROtools also offers the ability to compare that data set to industry standard printing conditions and provide instant PASS/FAIL results.  This makes MYIROtools a great companion in prepress for evaluating inkjet proofs made either in-house or supplied by the customer.

Beautiful Color Profile Results:
Easy measurement of profiling charts, comparison of measurement data sets, and quick QC of color proofs are all really nice features in an ICC color management system.  But how are profiling results from MYIROtools?  In a word, let’s just leave it at, “beautiful”.  It’s really quite impressive how well the pre-defined profile settings work at optimizing the results for each of their intended output devices / print conditions.  This is extremely important for new users to ICC color management and makes the MYIRO color management solution very user friendly and less intimidating than competitive profiling systems.  Also, for those more experienced users, MYIROtools offers a highly sophisticated toolset that has been implemented in a way that is very easy to understand and works extremely well across a wide range of color output devices.

I hope you found this short blog informative and intriguing.  As always, if you would like to learn more about MYIRO-1, MYIROtools, or any other Techkon product, feel free to reach out to us.  Until then, please be safe and stay well.