Inline at Insane Speeds


Here at Techkon we often get the question, “How fast can your inline spectrophotometer measure?”  While in the end the answer is simple, sometimes it takes a little bit of mental dexterity to grasp it.  Today we will answer the simple question and then give you the details behind it.

QUESTION:  How fast can your inline measure?
ANSWER:  How fast can your press print!

I know that seems like an outrageous answer, and well it is a bit, but here is the logic behind that answer.  Our Inline spectrophotometer is a scanning device, NOT a strobe and hold device like the majority of our competitors.  When our lamp turns on, we are collecting spectral color data at 3000 samples per second (Hz) where as our competitors strobe their light source to “capture” the color.

There are 2 reasons this works; one is that we can capture the entire color bar in one impression (with the correct size patches for the given speed).  The other is the super ability to go as fast as your printer.  Let’s take a printer going at 300Ft/minute, at 3000hz we can capture enough samples to give an accurate measurement in only 5mm of patch space. If we quadruple the press speed to 1200ft/min we can still measure the color…the only difference is that we need 9mm.  If you again want to double that press speed to 2400ft/minute, we can still measure color accurately with a 15mm patch.

It is because we integrate area over time at 3000hz that we can measure inline any color at virtually any speed…if we are given enough patch length.

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