Idealliance Control Wedge

SpectroDens Support for ISO 12647-7 3-Row Control Wedge 2013

SpectroDENS now supports scanning of IDEAlliance ISO 12647-7 Control Wedge 2013. This control wedge is needed for IDEAlliance certification of proofing devices. It is also useful for quality checks of pre-press proofs as well as production printers/presses.

The 84 patches on three rows can be scanned in less than 10 seconds. A summary of color differences from published aim values and pass/fail results are displayed on the device screen. Quick scanning and summarized results on SpectroDENS screen enables you to use use this control wedge more efficiently. Below are the requirements and steps needed to use this control wedge with SpectroDENS.



  1. Download SpectroDens III firmware 11.01 or later. Install the firmware update to the device by following these instructions.
  2. Download SpectroConnect software 2.5.1 or later and install on the desktop if you don’t already have it.
  3. Get target image file for use with print job. The target image must pass through same process as live image in the print job.
  4. Get reference files for control wedge by filling out the form on this page or email us at



  1. Set the SDIII Measuring Condition to M1 (D50 including UV)
  2. Calibrate the SDIII to its round white ceramic tile
  3. On the SDIII, select the Media Wedge function in the lower right panel
  4. Press the enter key a second time to select the reference file. The reference file name will appear on the Media Wedge screen.
  5. (To set pass/fail tolerances, from Media Wedge function go to measurement settings, press ENTER, see Media Wedge setup, press ENTER. Set desired tolerances and hit ESCAPE to back out.)
  6. Following the graphic display, place the SDIII aperture to the left of the first patch
  7. Press the Green start button until the spinning wheel appears in the display
  8. Draw the SDIII across the first row and stop just to the right of the last patch
  9. Repeat for the second and third rows
  10. A summary report appears in the SDIII display



Email us at or call us
at 978-777-1854 if there are questions.


  1. Hi Techkon USA,
    I´m looking for the reference files for SpectroDens Support for ISO 12647-7 3-Row Control Wedge 2013.
    I have a Techkon SpectroDens Premium and currently using mainly FOGRA standards
    Thanks a lot,

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