G7 Implementation: Addendum for Flexo Written by Ron Ellis

Recent industry surveys have shown that color quality remains the #1 concern for printers. That’s why G7 has quickly become a proven methodology for creating consistent color at considerably lower costs.

At Techkon, we’ve embraced G7 from its inception, with compliance built into our hardware and software products. Our Printer’s Guide to G7 – written by Ron Ellis, an expert in the field of printing and a G7 consultant – has been downloaded by thousands of printers. As a result, many have asked about the difference between performing G7 on a flexo press and performing G7 on an offset press.

To answer that question, Techkon has once again collaborated with Ron Ellis to create an addendum, focusing on G7 for flexo.

Fill out the form and download the flexo addendum to achieve consistent color quality across all your presses.

If you missed the Printer’s Guide to G7, you can download it here.

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