Expanded Color Gamut: Seminar and Open House

See Techkon equipment on display at the Expanded Color Gamut Seminar and Open House!

June 18: Hilton Indian Lakes, Bloomingdale, IL

Presenters: Mark Samworth, Esko & Catherine Haynes, All Printing Resources

APR and Esko jointly present an informative industry seminar focused on the trending topic of Expanded Color Gamut (ECG), followed by an APR Open House.

“Expanded gamut has increased from less than 1% to roughly 14% of industry printers in the last 5 years. Experts estimate that its usage will surpass 50% before the end of this decade,” says Mark Samworth, color specialist for Esko. “The seminar is designed to provide an overview of this evolving and growing flexo technology, as well as focus on specific features, benefits and challenges to pressroom implementation.”

Seminar Sessions Include: An In-depth Look at Equinox Expanded Color Gamut; Understanding LAB and LCH; Printing to a Specification; Ink Selection and Press Characterization for Expanded Color Gamut; Expanded Color Gamut & Vector Conversion; Expanded Color Gamut & Image Conversion; Design Considerations; Proofing for Expanded Color Gamut

Who Should Attend This Seminar? “This seminar is intended for printing professionals that have heard the excitement surrounding expanded color gamut printing, and want to dig deeper into the steps, processes, tools and software necessary for successful ECG implementation,” says Catherine Haynes, Southeastern Technical Solutions Manager for APR. “The seminar will target topics from design to prepress image conversions to pressroom ink selection and characterization.”

Register Now! The cost for the seminar is $50 per person, which includes lunch.

APR Open House: June 19: Glendale Heights, IL
APR will be hosting an Open House at its Glendale Heights location. Additional ECG discussions and software demonstrations will continue, along with a variety of other topics from other guest speakers. The Demo Lab will be open and running with lots of great product demos. The Open House is free for all APR Customers.

Open House Speakers: David Chinnis–Digital Flexo Suite; Larry Moore – HD & Full HD Flexo; Mark Samworth – ECG Tipping Point; Mike Buystedt – UV LED drying of inks; Alex James – Today’s Anilox Technology: Choices & Applications; Catherine Haynes – G7; Richard Black – Pressroom Process Control; Tim Reece – Inconsistencies of Microdot Registration

Equipment on Display:Esko CDI Spark 4835, Esko CDI Spark 2530, Techkon SpectroEdge, Harper Phantom QD Proofing System, Techkon SpectroDens, APR Automatic Plate Washer, APR Anilox Roll Cleaner, NexGen Solvent Recycler, NexGen Ink Pan Washer, SysTec Narrow Web Mounter, SysTec Demounter

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