Enhanced G7 Support

Techkon SpetroDENS was the first handheld device to offer integrated support for Idealliance G7 specification. The Version 8.08/11.02 update (Sept. 2015) adds several enhancements that make working with G7 much more efficient.

What is G7?

A printing process is in “G7 target compliance” when it is G7 grayscale calibrated and meets the color of the primary and secondary inks described in ISO 12647-2 or any referenced printing condition (RPC) using either absolute or substrate-relative condition. For example: a commercial sheetfed offset press is in “G7 GracoL Targeted Compliance” when it is G7 Grayscale calibrated and meets the specified colorimetric aims for substrate and colorants for GRACoL, or the GRACoL Relative condition created by modifying the GRACoL data by the substrate relative method. The same can apply for SWOP or any other Reference Print Condition. [Read more at Idealliance]

Example G7 Summary Report and Score Card

New SpectroDENS Features

  1. Scan G7 control strips from SpotOn, PressSign and Techkon GrayGuide in seconds. This makes routine use of G7 control much easier on the press and on the pre-press as compared to measuring targets in spot mode.
  2. View pass/fail summary and score card on a single screen on the SpectroDENS which greatly simplifies the print quality decision making process.
  3. SCCA (Substrate Corrected Colorimetric Aims) makes it possible to adjust the G7 target values automatically for paper type making it easier to use G7 with varying paper types.
  4. It is also possible to spot read individual patches to view detailed results for each patch in G7 format, in addition to summary report and score card.

Instructional Video

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