Does Your Pressroom Densitometer or Spectrophotometer Have an Expiration Date?

The short answer to this question is “no”. However, while there is no real expiration date on your measurement device, there are a few important factors to consider regarding the efficacy of older pressroom color measurement instruments. Just consider how the print market has changed and matured over the last 10 years or even the last 5 years. Do you really think your old densitometer or aging pressroom spectrophotometer still has the right mix of features and capabilities to help you meet and exceed the current challenges facing your pressroom? I’m willing to bet the answer here is “no”.

In 2018, Techkon SpectroDens was the GATF InterTech award winner and for very good reasons. The judges were well aware of the feature sets and short comings of older/legacy densitometers and pressroom spectrophotometers. However, after evaluating the latest generation of SpectroDens, the judges applauded its unique “combination of super-fast measurement speeds, heightened intelligence, and a built-in mode for color bar scanning” and they concluded by stating that they “foresee SpectroDens4 becoming the spectrophotometer of choice in many pressrooms”.

Interested in learning more about why GATF selected Techkon SpectroDens for the InterTech award and why you should also be considering an upgrade? Below is a list factors you should consider regarding your older press-side instruments and the benefits gained with an upgrade to a modern, and technologically advanced, pressroom spectrophotometer.

Why Upgrade From Your Old Densitometer or Spectrophotometer to Techkon SpectroDens:

  • Speed – SpectroDens has all of the same capabilities of your existing densitometer (density, dot area, trap, etc.) but with faster measurement speeds (approximately 1 second)
  • Ease of Use – A patented, side-aperture, design allows the operator to easily position the optics over the desired measurement location for even faster operation
  • Versatility – Seamlessly switch between spot measurements and full color bar scanning with the push of a button and without the need for expensive accessories
  • Accuracy – An ultra-high definition, spectral, sensor samples color in approximately 3nm increments which provides more than 3X the resolution of older instruments for more precise measurements
  • Agreement – The calibration standard correlates to NIST (Nation Institute of Standards and Technology) master color standards and metrology for “plug & play” measurement agreement with other popular, legacy, instruments
  • Spot Colors & ECG – Densitometers struggle to achieve accurate and repeatable density and TVI measurements of Spot Colors and Expanded Gamut (ECG) process colors. However, spectrophotometers do not have these same limitations, thanks to the spectral engine inside
  • CIELab & deltaE – Print buyers are specifying color using CIELab values and print tolerances with deltaE’s. Spectrophotometers can measure & report CIELab (or CIELch) color values and deltaE color differences between color standards and a printed samples
  • G7 – Print buyers are seeking printers with Idealliance G7 compliance. G7 implementation and conformance is simply not possible with a densitometer. For G7, a spectrophotometer is required and SpectroDens makes it quick and easy with a dedicated G7 feature set.
  • Guidance – The InkCheck feature tells the press operator to move solid ink densities UP/DOWN and by precisely how much so they can achieve the lowest best possible color match (lowest deltaE)
  • Durability – The SpectroDens uni-body case, which has no moving parts, is precisely machined from a single block of aluminum to maximize durability and reliability in harsh production environments
  • Battery Life – A rechargeable LiFePO4 battery offers longer use between charges & wireless inductive charging for greater ease of use, reliability, and maintenance-free charging for the life of the product.
  • ISO Standards – Pass/Fail indication against ISO printing and proofing standards
  • Wi-Fi – True Wi-Fi connectivity to computers, offering faster communication speeds, enhanced security, and a much greater connectivity range compared to older devices that only use Bluetooth

Are you interested in upgrading from your old densitometer or spectrophotometer to Techkon SpectroDens? Learn how you can save up to $1000 when you upgrade or trade-in:


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