Do you have an Out-Of-Production Densitometer? See our Spring 2019 Trade-In Offer

Today’s printers demand more from their densitometers. They know that relying on out-of-production – legacy devices is risky business.

That’s why operators worldwide are upgrading to Techkon’s SpectroDens. It’s the fastest and easiest way to accurately control color and density in the pressroom – with full support for ISO and G7® methodologies – and it’s the most ergonomic device on the market.

For the 2019 spring season, we’re offering a great trade-in opportunity. From now until June 30, 2019, you can trade-in your out-of-production densitometer for a new SpectroDens Premium or Advanced and receive up to $1000 for your legacy device.

This is an amazing opportunity to upgrade to the 2018 InterTech award winner and experience why the judges applauded its unique “combination of super-fast measurement speeds, heightened intelligence, and a built-in mode for color bar scanning” and concluded they “foresee SpectroDens4 becoming the spectrophotometer of choice in many pressrooms.”

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