Do you have a unique color challenge?

Measuring, monitoring, and maintaining the strict color tolerances being demanded by brand owners is an increasingly complex component of your print production process. Issues unique to you and your customer base compound the challenge of maintaining reliable, continuous color quality. That’s why an out of the box system won’t fully satisfy your needs. The only way to solve your specific issues is with a customized solution designed specifically to address your needs.

The dynamic state of the print industry grows more competitive every day. For you to keep pace, it is absolutely essential that you invest in the hardware and software solutions guaranteed to help you redefine your business, win new clients, and differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Techkon has served the print industry for over 28 years and is intimately familiar with what you need from a color measurement system in order to be successful. A pioneer in the industry, Techkon continues to be the only color measurement provider with the ability to provide custom solutions for measuring, monitoring, and maintaining color.

As experts in both the print and color measurement industries, we have consulted on, designed, and fully implemented custom color measurement solutions in most of the largest print production facilities around the world.

We have many examples of the customized solutions we’ve delivered to our customers using this process.

For a leading international producer of corrugated, consumer packaging, and recycling solutions we configured a custom solution that included:

  • Creation of a comprehensive customer reference color library
  • Creation and deployment of a standard operating procedure for measuring printed colors specific to the customer workflow including actions to be taken when colors fall out of specification
  • Custom configuration of color libraries for every unit sold to multiple facilities
  • Design of customer specific training programs and industry leading best practices
  • Customization of measurement environment variables like Delta E equation to CMC, pass fail tolerances to Delta E, and setting instrument to take 3 measurements and average into 1 result

For a major worldwide print and supply chain management company we developed custom firmware for a specific instrument that:

  • Complied with complex customer requirements with regard to display features and measured results
  • Converted the device type enabling USB cable connections
  • Created a custom Software Development Kit that integrated Techkon’s instrument with customer legacy software
  • Creation of a comprehensive customer reference color library to facilitate consistent print quality for thousands of brand colors
  • Created hardware integration with a customer legacy software application and production process that allows print facilities in multiple locations to measure accurate, consistent color

For the largest producer of currency notes we designed a custom solution by:

  • Creating a mechanism that integrates with our inline spectrophotometer to measure paper values
  • Customizing our software to take measurements specific to their requirements
  • Creating a custom system for ensuring that paper used stayed within their stringent paper quality guidelines

For one of the largest producers of high-quality magnetic products we developed a custom system by:

  • Reconfiguring our software to take measurements specific to their requirements
  • Creating a custom software system to ensure that material used in the production process fell within specified quality guidelines

For a global packaging manufacturer we incorporated several hardware and software components in a customized solution that:

  • Developed a fully customizable scorecard that rates the performance of the press run based on customer specified Delta E, Delta D, Delta A criteria
  • Provided the ability to see Delta E of tints
  • Enabled the customer to customize the measured results screen to their specification

For Canada’s largest print and digital media company our custom solution:

  • Enabled the customer to see density values of tints and not just percent of dot values
  • Altered the instrument to allow the customer to select either percent dot or density value view

For many press manufacturers we customized solutions by:

  • Developing spectrophotometers that met their stringent technical specifications
  • Modified the Software Development Kit to improve on the communication between the host computer and the hardware

Other suppliers can sell you stock hardware and software. Our goal is to provide you with solutions. We work with you to leverage our industry-leading expertise and advanced hardware and software technology to solve specific problems related to color measurement in your production process.

Your challenges are unique to you. We make sure the solutions to solve them are as well.