Device Agreement & Consistent Color

Best Practices to Improve Measurement Consistency

We don’t need to tell you how demanding print clients can be. The need for precise, consistent color has never been higher.

That’s why many printers use a SpectroDensitometer on press. But what happens when you need to work with instruments from different manufacturers – such as Techkon and X-Rite?

This updated eBook from Techkon explores what to expect when measuring printed colors with different instruments. We explain the difference between inter-instrument, intra-instrument and inter-modal agreement, and offer some best practices to improve measurement consistency across all your instruments.

Using these best practices, we’ve observed that a population of Techkon SpectroDens 4 units will agree with a population of X-Rite eXact units just about as well as the eXact units will agree to themselves.

Download the eBook and make measurement consistency a non-issue across your entire workflow.

Download the PDF!