Deployment of Press-Side Color QC Is Easier Than You Think

Good afternoon everybody and I sincerely hope you are all doing well during the COVID-19 crisis that we are all facing. Like many of you, I am currently working from home now for the foreseeable future and this has given me a chance to reflect on the many conversations I have had with printers about implementing one of our press-side color quality solutions throughout a print organization. As you probably know, these color quality or pressroom color management systems increase efficiencies in the pressroom by helping press operators match color, reduce make-ready times, allow for the collection of color data during the press run, and the creation of reports showing important color metrics when the job is done. While most printers immediately recognize how such a system could be beneficial, sometimes they still have questions or are a little hesitant about the deployment or implementation aspects of such a system in their own production departments. Therefore, I’d like to spend a few minutes and discuss 3 factors regarding how Techkon makes it easy to deploy such a system.

  1. Tailored Solutions for Your Needs
    First, it is very important to find a color QC or color QA solution that meets your specific requirements and does not have a lot of extra bells & whistles that you do not need. The presence of these unused features can make the system feel a little over complicated for your users. This is why Techkon offers 3 distinct color quality solutions with feature sets that are designed for different types of printers and varying needs. Here’s a quick snapshot of our 3 pressroom color quality solutions:

    • ChromaLT – Designed for packaging printers that need a more efficient way to match brand and spot colors on press. This solution utilizes a file system that you host locally on your internal server and the software supports both the Techkon SpectroDens and X-Rite eXact instruments.
    • ChromaQA – Designed for commercial and packaging printers that print spot colors, 4C process work, ECG, and who also require G7 reporting and custom score cards. This solution utilizes a SQL database that is hosted and maintained by Techkon on the Amazon AWS Cloud server to maximize system scalability and allow data access from anywhere around the globe. It supports both the SpectroDens and the X-Rite eXact instruments.
    • SpectroVision – An inline spectrophotometer that is mounted in the press and completely automates the color measurement process, in real-time, and at full print production speeds. Designed for packaging printers that need to control spot colors, 4C & ECG process work, and who also require G7 reporting and customizable score cards. This solution utilizes a SQL database that is hosted and maintained by Techkon on the Amazon AWS Cloud server to maximize system scalability and allow data access from anywhere around the globe.
  2. Techkon is Your Implementation Partner
    Next, keep in mind that Techkon is your partner throughout the entire implementation process and beyond. As Techkon is the smaller of the 2 color measurement players in the graphic arts, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide outstanding sales support and personalized service to all of our customers. While onsite training is available for a fee, many customers opt for remote training sessions to get the software installed, configured, and their operators up and running. Also, Techkon products come with complimentary, unlimited, technical support for the life of the product. Our goal is to ensure that you are using the software to its’ full potential and that the solution is delivering maximum value across your print production workflow.
  3. A Phased Approach is Possible
    Finally, the modular design of our software solutions along with our complimentary support allow you to take a phased approach to rolling out a color quality solution across your organization. You can easily start out with a single press and then add additional presses or print locations into the system over time and as your needs change. Adding additional seats of software to your product key or license happens instantly once we receive your order. And because the remote training and technical support is free, it is easy to schedule additional online sessions with us at a time that is convenient for your new production team members who require training.

So that will wrap it up for this week’s blog. I just wanted to put some ideas out there about how Techkon makes it easy for you to adopt and rollout a new press-side color management or color quality system throughout your organization, regardless of your size. If you would like to learn more our products or how we can help you decrease make-ready times, improve your color matching, and ensure consistent color throughout your production department(s), please feel free to let us know. Thank you and I am sincerely wishing you all the best during this COVID-19 crisis. Please stay safe…..