Today’s printing and packaging customers are placing ever increasing demands for color accuracy and color consistency on their print supply chain. Keeping color within your client’s chosen specification, and consistently producing that color over time, requires a more predictable and repeatable print process.

Techkon was born out of such challenges. We’re committed to developing instrumentation, software and integrated solutions to enable the finest quality print, deliver the highest ROI, and provide the best possible user experience in the industry.

We know that good work leads to more work, and satisfied clients generate repeat business. That’s why we’re helping our customers reduce make-ready times, eliminate wasted ink and paper and, ultimately, make more money.


Techkon set a new standard of performance with the SpectroDens, the fastest and easiest way to control color and density in the pressroom.

In recent years, as the demands of brand owners and print customers have become more exacting, press operators have learned they need more than just density readings to achieve job specifications. Our spectrophotometer based densitometers (or Spectro-Densitometers) provide precise color measurements and comparisons to the aim color values. The SpectroDens gives operators everything they need to control process and spot color inks.

Techkon Spectro-Densitometers include full support for ISO standards and G7® methodologies and will fulfill M0, M1, M2, M3 measuring conditions in accordance to ISO 13655. Clear PASS/FAIL indications make it easy for press operators to verify print-to-print and print-to-standard color quality, along with explanations of how to fix their color problems. Techkon offers spectrophotometer solutions that meet any scanning and budget requirements

  • The Techkon SpectroDens is the fastest handheld spectro-densitometer in the market
  • The Techkon SpectroJet offers manual hand scanning with optical encoder and guide ruler
  • The Techkon SpectroDrive is a motorized, fully automated scanning system

While the Spectro-Densitometer remains the workhorse of the print room, using it as an “instrument-only” solution means you have no history or traceability across the press run or job.

Printers who implement ChromaQA – Techkon’s pressroom color quality software for color measurement and color analysis – gain multiple competitive advantages including: Easy deployment of color standard and tolerance information across multiple operators, presses, and locations, Easier on-press monitoring with at-a-glance PASS/FAIL indication, Accountability & traceability of color results to ensure compliance with job specifications, Automated customer reports showing conformance of printed products to the customer’s color specifications, Data analysis for continued process improvements.

ChromaQA connects all members of a printing team through one color quality system. While all functions can easily be performed by a single person at a smaller printer, the software is also scalable to large enterprises with multiple printing locations.


Meeting increasing demands for color accuracy and color consistency with older offset presses is especially challenging. It can mean turning away, or losing business due to a presses inability to meet customer specifications and pricing expectations.

Techkon’s PressLink is a cost-effective answer that enables a wide range of press makes and models to take advantage of an efficient closed-loop color control system. Its remarkably fast ROI begins at setup. Automated image analysis and ink key setup quickly brings your press up to color and significantly reduces make ready times. PressLink then gives operators quality control feedback during the run, and the software automatically adjusts ink keys to keep colors on target.

In addition to improving quality and repeatability and reducing make-ready time and media waste, PressLink’s ‘autopilot’ efficiencies increase overall throughput. This combination leads to impressive savings and a return-on-investment that is typically less than 6 months.


There has been a great deal of buzz about G7 in the past few years. the Idealliance G7 specification is a calibration method and set of print aims. GRACoL and SWOP are characterization data sets based on using the G7 method. G7 is often thought of as a must-have for large sheetfed and web operations.

Techkon has been on the leading edge of G7 and other ISO standards from the start. G7 and ISO compliance is built into our hardware and software products. Our G7 Certified Experts are available for onsite training and to help you calibrate your presses and submit the samples required for G7 Master Printer Qualification.

We also partner with industry-leading experts to create guides whitepapers, articles, videos, and webinars on the most current G7 topics. Whether you’re asking the question ‘what is G7?’ or you are ready to renew your G7 qualification, we can help.


Download the 2018 Printer’s Guide to G7 by clicking here.