SPEED: Techkon SpectroDENS is designed to be quick and responsive. Whether you make a measurement, calibrate the device or simply power it up, not having to wait each time is a big convenience in routine use.

Performance Comparison Techkon Competitor
Measurement 1 second 2-3 seconds
Wake Up Instant 4 seconds
Calibration 3 seconds 12 seconds
Measure 5 patches 7 seconds 14 seconds

ACCURACY: Instrumental color measurement is all about accuracy and precision. Differences in repeatability can be seen most clearly when measuring black colors with polarization filter because the amount of measured light is low and sensor noise can be high.

Performance Comparison Techkon Competitor
Black Repeatability 0.04 Avg. ΔE 0.19 Avg. ΔE
Maximum Deviation 0.11 Max ΔE 0.53 Max ΔE

FUNCTIONS: Power users require flexibility of being able to use scanning for color bars and patch charts and be able to change aperture size for best results. Techkon’s spectro-densitometer has integrated wheels and comes with 2 apertures.

Performance Comparison Techkon Competitor
Scanning Spot and scan included Needs attachment
Aperture Includes 2 apertures Single aperture

RELIABILITY: A pressroom environment can be demanding. Techkon’s design with long-lasting LEDs and no moving optical parts delivers reliable operation on the production floor.

Performance Comparison Techkon Competitor
Warranty 2 years 1 year
Design LED light, no moving parts in optics Tungsten lamp, filter wheel

CONVENIENCE: Techkon’s slim, lightweight design with a unique side-view port allows easy positioning on the color patch to be measured.

Performance Comparison Techkon Competitor
Ergonomics Single handed use Two handed use
Patch Positioning Side view port Center port

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